Discussion in 'Ruger' started by rockman22, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. rockman22

    rockman22 New Member

    I just read my way through your single six post and saw that your sp101 sale fell through, just curious what condition, if it's still available, and how much you want.

    Thanks, Eric
  2. Fuelburns2

    Fuelburns2 New Member

    Sorry Eric but since then I have sold the SP101. If you really want one and you're a bit patient I expect that you'll be able to find one online or locally to suit your needs for about $340. I got $335 for mine and bought a 2" version with a spurless hammer for $370. I only paid $350 for a 9mm SP101 at Gander Mountain so they are out there at reasonable prices. The one you asked about was purchased on GunsAmerica.com for $329. I suggest looking there as well as GunBroker.com for a reasonably priced SP101.

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