I fell in love with a SigSauer 226 today.....

Discussion in 'Pistol Opinions' started by theotherTexasRich, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. theotherTexasRich

    theotherTexasRich New Member

    Well, I went to the new Bass Pro Shop in San Antonio today.

    After taking the tour, having lunch, doing a little fishing, etc., I went to look at the handguns.

    For the first time ever I held the Sig 226 Equinox.

    Man oh man, holding this gun reminded me of my first serious girlfriend and the first time we....let's just say it was really, really NICE! :wink:

    Great balance, beautiful finish and workmanship. I've had my heart set on a Ruger but now that I've beheld the Sig I won't be satisfied with a Ruger :cry:

    It helped that the salesman was very knowledgeable (one of them anyway).

    Now, if I can just find $1000 worth of stuff in my garage to sell.... 8)
  2. flyfishtom

    flyfishtom New Member

    I know the feeling. I bought an X-Five a while back and that ruined me. I now have a P226, 9mm, Platinum Elite that I will use as a carry gun. It will replace a 1911 of about the same weight.

  3. AZ Old Guy

    AZ Old Guy New Member

    I feel your pain. I bought my first SIG, a P226 Equinox in .40 S&W, fourteen months ago. I'm now up to nine of them. This is an expensive addiction.

    May I suggest two things? First, make sure those fat wooden grips on the P226 Equinox actually fit your hand (mine didn't, and I walked out of the gunshop with a set of Hogues installed). Second, if you can, try shooting an Elite model, either a P226 or a P229. My P229 Elite in .40 is the finest firearm I've owned and/or shot in 30+ years of shooting. The SRT (Short Reset Trigger), combined with the beavertail for control, allow for the best rapid firing I've ever done.

    And don't worry about the price. You can hand your SIG down to your kids instead of cash. It's more elegant and functional than cash, and it may appreciate in value, especially if the election goes badly for us gun owners.
  4. Beretta Guy

    Beretta Guy New Member

    I just laid away a used Sig P226. Went to pay on the Beretta I have laid away and the owner was just getting ready to put it in the case. It's an older one with ugly plain plastic grips and lots of holster wear. But I will get to test fire it before I actually buy it. I actually didn't put money on it yet. We are friends and it was just set aside for me. Any used guns I get to test drive before I buy them. If it shoots well for me it will be actually laid away next week when I pick up the Beretta. I know it fit my hand like it was made for me.

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