Jennings J22, .22 LR

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing & Restoration' started by tsscls, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. tsscls

    tsscls New Member

    I just came into one for free. I know that they are jamming pieces of junk out of the box. With that said and before the paperweight and recycling comments start, is there any work I could get done on this gun now to make it a reliable plinker for my son when he comes of age? Let the smartass comments begin.
  2. wwb

    wwb New Member

    No smart comments here.

    Any reputable gunsmith will tell you that it's not worth working on..... there isn't much you can do to make them any better, and what little could be done would cost more than the gun is worth.

    If they have a "gun buy back" program in your area, take it to the cops and get $50 (or whatever they're offering) and put it toward a decent firearm.

    Life is too short (and too important) to own crappy guns.

  3. Baryngyl

    Baryngyl New Member

    They were only $70.00 new, so not a lot you can do to fix them that is worth the cost.

    A Jennings J22 was my very first gun, I would probably never buy another, but I will not get rid of the one I have since it has sentimental value. However I would like to find a replacement top slide for mine since mine developed a crack in it after about 12 to 15 Thousand rounds.

    The only problem I ever had with it was when I first got it, it would not eject about 25% of the time, I had to use a file and deepen the area where the ejector would hook over the rim of the case and that fixed it.

    One other thing that I did not know about till years later that may have helped lead to the slide cracking was you are not supposed to use any of the super high velocity ammo such as Yellow Jackets and other I can not think of the names of right now.

    Michael Grace
  4. gunsmither

    gunsmither New Member

    I have one I inherited. It was a jamomatic. I polished up the feed ramp/barrel throat, and polished the magazine lips, and it now shoots very reliably. I have also done this to several customers guns, and they work fine now. Still not what I would call a good choice of weapon, but they can be made to function with a bit of tuning.
  5. zane grey

    zane grey New Member

    I have had several of the Jennings pass through my hands. They have all worked well using WW hi-speed hollow points. The last was a gift from an old friend, it worked right out of the box but the trigger pull must have been close to 20 pounds. After taking it apart and cutting back the trigger spring a half dozen times I ended up with a good trigger pull. Mine shoots to the sights and points well. They make good tackle box guns and drop in your pocket walking around guns. If you only shoot them a couple hundred rounds a year they will give good service.Zane

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