kp944 jamming

Discussion in 'Ruger' started by fitchjr, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. fitchjr

    fitchjr New Member

    i was shooting my pistol on sunday, and it jammed three times out of 100 rounds. so i took it home cleaned it up and went out to the range yesterday. through one clip and 50 rounds, it jammed once. through the second clip, it jammed maybe five times out of 50. on sunday, the spent casing was still in the chamber when it jammed, but yesterday, the casing would come out and the live round would get jammed. it looked like the casing on the bullet was hitting the ramp at a bad angle and kicking up instead of sliding in.

    any ideas anyone?
  2. Fuelburns2

    Fuelburns2 New Member

    It might be a problem with the magazine. Do your mags need new springs or a good cleaning? Are any surfaces of the feed ramp damaged? A burr or something like that could contribute to feeding issues if its in the wrong place. Just a few ideas.

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