Newbie question Tornado brush: .22 Pistol same as .22 rifle?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing & Restoration' started by industrious95, May 8, 2008.

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    I just bought a Hoppes .22 Tornado brush to clean my new (to me) Ruger single six. This is my first handgun, so I'm learning my way as I go. The package for the brush says .22 rifle, although the Hoppes web site shows the items as just .22 calibre.

    When I try to use it to brush out the barrel, it is an extremely tight fit. So tight that after pushing it in an inch, I gave up out of fear I would damage something.

    It fits fine in the cylinder, and actually does a better job on the cylinder than the tornado brush that came with my "pistol cleaning kit."

    This brings up 3 questions:

    1. Should I just force the tornado brush down the barrel, or is that resistance telling me something's not right? I would have to use some real elbow grease to get it down.

    2. Do you twist the tornado brush when you put it into a barrel or cylinder, or do you just push it straight in from the handle, and let the rod turn on its own on the bearing in the handle if it wants to?

    3. Finally, should I see a groove from the rifling when I look into the barrel? With a bore light, I can see a faint "curved line" that I assume is rifling, although there's no real obvious grooves or anything. It looks like someone drew a microscopic curl into the barrel interior.

    Thanks in advance for your help....
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    re: Newbie question Tornado brush: .22 Pistol same as .22 ri

    To each his own, but I only use the "Tornado" brushes in shotguns. Anything with a rifled barrel, I just use the bronze-bristle type brushes.

    The "Tornado" just seems way too aggressive.... maybe if there's very severe leading, I'd consider using one for a couple strokes.

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