Ruger "Old" Vaquero - How Much?

Discussion in 'Pistol ID & Value' started by Norman Ralph, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Norman Ralph

    Norman Ralph New Member

    I ran across a Ruger Vaquero for sale yesterday. It was stainless steel in .44 Mag. and a 7 1/2" barrel. It seemed in great shape. Because the "New" Vaqueros don't come in .44 mag. this one must predate 2005. It doesn't have papers or box. It was for sale for under $400.00 and I didn't try to get him to come down. I wasn't sure I wanted it without more investigation.

    What's your thoughts??

  2. TexNekkid

    TexNekkid New Member

    "nder $400.00" for "seems in great shape" seems an OK price to me. For what would you use it? Shiny fixed sights aren't IMO the best for a range or hunting revolver and a 7-1/2" barrel (less common in Vaqueros) seems long for a "walking around in the woods" gun.

    Practicality's not everything; however, sometimes a gun just appeals to you subjectively. When that happens, I've found it's better to buy it than suffer regret until you find another.

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