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Discussion in 'Ruger' started by julken, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. julken

    julken New Member

    Thinking about buying a Ruger Single Six in stainless with the 5.5 in barrel. Any thoughts or opinions on this gun? The price is 469.00
  2. wwb

    wwb New Member

    If you like single action revolvers, the Ruger Single Six is the best .22 rimfire wheelgun around. The Old Model (also referred to as the "three-screw") Single Sixes had better triggers than the "New Model" transfer bar mechanisms, but they still aren't that bad.

    The "Super Single Six" has an adjustable rear sight, rather than the fixed sight of the standard Single Six.... if you're a serious target shooter, it's worth a few extra bucks. Also, for a few extra bucks, getting the Convertible model (with the extra cylinder) will allow you to shoot .22 Mags (.22 WRM), which pack a whole lot more whallop, for hunting and/or varmint control.

    Stainless or blued... it's a matter of personal preference, and, to some extent, a stainless gun is a little less demanding in terms of maintenance.

    Price.... ain't priced a new one for a good many years (actually, I only consider the Old Model revolvers), so I'm not sure if it's a good price or not.

  3. julken

    julken New Member

    The one i was looking at getting has the conversion to .22 mag, not sure if it has the adjustable sights though. This will be my first single action, i just think its a cool gun and think i would have fun target shooting with it. Plus it would be way cheaper to shoot than my glock 19. Thanks for the reply. :)
  4. Blamm-O

    Blamm-O New Member

    This may seem strange, but I can't help but comment on my own discrepancies...and this post reminded me again of what I want...or don't want.

    I have been looking at .22 handguns for years now. Revolvers, and pistols both. I have almost bought a single six on a few occasions, as well as the P22, Mosquito, and the SW617. The reason for this is as this thread states...I really want to shoot more, with less impact on my wallet. Even though ammo prices are coming back down, it still pains me to drop a weeks paycheck for an hour of fun at the range shooting 9mm, .45, .357, and .38.

    Every time I'm at the shop, or at a gun show, I'm holding a .22 thinking, this would really save me a lot of's the caveat...

    I love to shoot. And half the fun, is seeing myself progress over time, shooting better and better, shedding my "flinch" more and more, and "taming" the recoil. Especially on the larger rounds, the recoil is half the fun of squeezing the trigger. So...

    How long will it take me to blow through a few hundred rounds of .22 with a handgun, and decide that it's boring? That it's worth the money of the larger rounds to feel the "ooomph"?

    I'm sure everyone's shot a .22 rifle in their try and tell me it's not more fun to shoot 12G 3" buckshot, or a couple of 30-30 rounds.

    For me at's why I'm addicted to it. I know this threads a couple of months old, but any thoughts?
  5. strut64

    strut64 New Member

    I just got a super single six convertible this week- blued finish. Have only been to the range once and so far so good. I am a first time handgun buyer so I have a lot of questions for single six users.

    1. Is 22 Mag ammo really that expensive and hard to get? I just bought a box of Remington with premium varmint bullets. $15.97 at Wally world. It was the only box they had.

    2. What sort of grouping should I expect say at 25 Yds? I had to tweek the sights a bit but was able to get about 3" groups at 25 yds, with either 22 LR or 22 mag. I had a variety of LR stuff and that did not seem to matter much in terms of group or Point of Impact. Or is my inexperience showing?

    Hate to hijack the thread but rather than starting a new one this seemed appropriate.

  6. Citoriplus

    Citoriplus New Member

    I know this is an older thread, but I can''t understand why anyone would think that just because a gun is a small caliber its not a challenge.
    I have been shooting my fathers, and now my Super Single Six for over 40 years and its just as much fun now as it was the day my father bought it back in the sixties.
    When loaded with .22's its capable of making groups a lot tighter than I can and with the .22Mag cylinder its lethal on Woodchucks well past where I trust my aim.


    BTW it has NOT been back to the factory for the safety 'fix'. Unless I'm on a shooting bench I never load more than 5 rounds in it anyway. So I see no need to to sacrifice a very nice trigger pull in a gun I am intimately familiar with for so called safety.

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