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Discussion in 'Pistol Opinions' started by Bryan Kruysman, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Bryan Kruysman

    Bryan Kruysman New Member

    I would like to put a scope on a S&W 500.Does anyone have sugestions on best type, brand & model?
  2. UncleFudd

    UncleFudd New Member

    I don't know who the DH is that came back with all the gibberish, but to answer your question.
    About any of th scopes used for rifle or pistol will work fine.
    You do not have to go with anything expensive and some of the Simmons and Tasco pistol scopes have been working on some of the guns that I have sold and helped with installing glass.
    Some have also gone with Leupold or in one case, the Bushnell, pistol in straight 4X.
    Look at some in your local stores to see how they are for your particular vision and also look at the eye relief on some before making yur choice.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide, if you will.


  3. Roadkill Bill

    Roadkill Bill New Member

    I had to change scopes recently. The eye relief on my old scope caused me to shoot with my arms bent slightly, and wasn't very comfortable. I switched to a Burris 2x pistol scope that allows me enough eye relief that my arms are fully extended.

    However, on my latest scoped gun I tried a red dot. No magnification, but the red dot is really cool, and I have a choice of four different reticles. I'm sticking with the Burris on my deer gun (44 mag), but my red dot is for moving targets (coyotes w/a .223 pistol).

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