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    I am trying to identify a Smith 38 special. It has the following markings: 38 S&W SPC CTG, 2" barrel, model #? 55 or 56(very faint and hard to read), sn# matching on butt and cylinder 157460, other # on body of gun 76289, 6 shot revolver, screws on right hand side. The gun was purchased used in the 60's and originally was a blue finish-has since been plated with gold-plate accents. The gun belongs to my brother-in-law, and he was told at one point that the gun was pre-WWII probably built in 1939. I can't match it up with anything in my Smith and Wesson catalog by Supica---can someone help me with the ID? Thanks :D
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    The S&W Model 56 "USAF" was a .38 Spl with a 2" barrel.... should be marked "U.S." on the backstrap, although if it's been "decorated" that may have been polished out.

    Too bad about the plating.... the M56 was produced only in 1963, and is worth a bundle to a collector, provided it hasn't been messed with.... unfortunately, this one has, so the value is right down the toilet

    If it was a pre WWII, it wouldn't have a model number... model numbering didn't start until 1958.

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