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10 mm

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Does anyone out there own one? Im thinking about buying one and would like to know what yall think. Thanks.
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Well I went ahead and took the plunge. A new 10mm G20 should be here today or Mon. It will make a nice addition to the collection. :wink: :D
No, I don't have a 10mm but I just got a G22 (.40 cal) to add to the collection. I put about 200 rds through it last weekend and it's great! Let us know how yours shoots!
A friend of mine has the compensated version of the 10mm Glock. I think it's exceptionally loud, and don't like the recoil too much. I am a little biased against Glocks to begin with, so maybe you should take this with a grain of salt (or is it sugar?).
I picked up my first Glock 20 in July. I haven't put many rounds through it yet, but the five hundred to a thousand I did felt really good. I really like mine, the grip fits my hand perfectly with a Hogue sleeve on it.
I have a Glock 29 (10mm compact) and used to have a Glock 20. I sold the 20 since the grip was way too thick. If your hands are big enough it's a great weapon--I love my 29, it's by far the most powerful semi I have. If you really want a 10mm make sure you rent both models first before you buy. People with small hands--get the 29.
The 10mm is very similar in dimensions to the .40 S&W. The case is about one mm longer adding a significant amount of capacity (and power) to the round.

It'll do anything the .40 will do and then some and isn't really that much bigger.

It's an excellent round that just never really caught on.
Ammo can be hard to come by at some places. Ballistics are nice though :wink:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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