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1911 Barrel Questions

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I am considering getting a new barrel for my 1911 and wanted to know if anyone can tell me the differences between a Standard Barrel and a Match Grade Barrel? What do they change about the barrel to make it Match Grade? How do the tolerances compare? Whats the best company to buy from? Is it worth the extra money for a Match Grade or is it more for competition than a casual shooter? Any info or recommendations would help, thanks :)
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Match grade barrels are made to a much tighter tolerance, using a fine-grained, stress-relieved steel (frequently cryogenically treated, also) and have a finer bore finish.

You can't just buy a barrel and put it on, however..... the barrel bushing and barrel must be fitted to each other in order to gain any accuracy. Not properly fitting the two could actually render the piece inoperative, if there were enough interference to prevent it from going fully into battery.

Fitting a match-grade barrel to a 1911 is a job for a VERY good smith, or a return to the manufacturer.
I'm no gunsmith so what would be the best option for a replacement barrel that drops in without modification?
"......a replacement barrel that drops in without modification...." won't give you ANY advantage over the barrel that's already in the gun.

Why do you want to change the barrel? If you want any increase in accuracy, it has to be done properly; otherwise you're wasting money.

If you really want a race gun, the smartest way to do it is to get one already completely done from the manufacturer.... barrel/barrel bushing fit, slide/frame fit, feed ramp polished, ejection port opened, external extractor, etc ALL done - for less than the cost of reworking an existing 1911 to the same standard.
I bought the gun used and am having problems with feeding and extraction/ejection and want to buy some replacement parts to make it function properly. I'm not looking for an increase in accuracy or a Match Gun, I just wanted to know what my best option would be for buying a replacement barrel.
Have ya tried different ammo? I've seen some auto's that just will not feed the trunicated bullets. You may also check your clip.
A friend of mine replaced his barrel(factory) with a Wilson. He had someone do some work on the opening in the slide and replaced springs and stuff. Did it improve it all that much? NO! Did he feel better about it though? YES! That little 6" space between his ears is now happy.

I have many different clips and ammo types that I have used and still experience the same problems.
I thought you fixed the feeding problem. Last time we talked you were still having issues with extraction but are you having new issues with feeding now too? I'd say replace the extractor and if that doesn't get it to spit properly then take it to a gunsmith.
I fixed the feeding for the most part but still experience an occasional jam every now and then. I just ordered some new parts through Auto Ordnance (Barrel and Extractor) and hopefully they will fix my issues.
I don't think the barrel was necessary but I suppose you can always return it. Let me know how it goes and Merry Christmas!

We'll shoot together next week if we can work it out. :D
The barrel probably wasn't necessary but my dad insisted on getting a new one and said that he would pay for it so the barrel won't hurt my wallet and I will feel better knowing I have the new parts. This way I can eliminate all the angles of my malfunctioning dilemma.
For your remaining failure to feed problems, before using the new barrel try polishing the feed ramp on your current barrel. Slight imperfections might be causing the hang ups and doing this may help. A bit of polishing compound and some elbow grease is all that is needed. Since you already have a barrel on the way, you really have nothing to lose and can only gain your money back if successful or at the minimum gain a bit of gunsmithing knowledge. Also if you haven't done so, try a new magazine from a quality company as many of the less expensive magazines cause these problems too. As also mentioned, bullet design may have an effect too. Hollowpoints, especially the 200 gr Speers, often have problems feeding and may take a lot of work to get them to function properly. Run various 230 gr hardball ammo and if you still have trouble, take to a gunsmith who has knowledge of 1911s for an opinion. This will save a lot of time and money buying and replacing parts until it works, if ever. You could have a fitting problem which can be a very labor intensive and expensive proposition.
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Those are all good suggestions Uglydog and I have done all of them. I only use 230 gr Ball ammo and have used different brands and still had hang ups. I have tried different mags to ranging from cheap mil-spec surplus to real nice Wilson mags and had no change in operation. After these experiments I took off a real fine lip on the entrance ramp of the barrel where the rounds would snag and it made a big difference in the feeding and I also made the feed ramp on the frame extra smooth. This all seemed to improve the feeding but did nothing for the extraction. Every time I shot the case is sitting in the barrel, it doesn't even move but I can see marks on it from the extractor so I know that it's making contact. I think the extractor just lost it's spring tension because from what I have read online the extractor is the only weak link in the 1911 design. So wether or not the barrel changes things I will still keep it for a spare and it will give me something to compare my barrel to having never seen what a new one looks like.
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sounds like your extracor needs to be adj for tention. your easiest solution is to buy a good extractor wilson combat or ed brown.or you can fix your stock extractor. take the lide off take a loade roud and slide it under the extractor. it should hang with a slight droop. if it is too loose which i suspect it is remove the exractor and bend it slightly to increase tention. alo helps to bevel the groove at the bottom with a small swiss file.get a copy of hallocks book on the 45 it is invaluble info source on how to tune a 45. good luck
Use the same type of clip all the time and you can get a drop in barrel and 8 rd stainless mags from wilson combat. Check them out on line.
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