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1911 Basic Question

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I'm new here and new to pistols in general. As soon as my permit clears I plan in buying a 1911 for target and self defense. I like the light single action trigger and the basic design. I've shot 4 different pistols and was surprised at how far superior the pull was on the 1911. The double actions seem much too difficult for target practice or competing. Since I admittedly know practically nothing about pistols in general I have a basic question.

If the single action 1911 is so popular for target shooting because of the single action design, why aren't more pistols available in this configuration? Am I missing something here? or are they available and I just don't know enough about what is out there. Should I be looking at other models as well?
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Stan let me start by sayin this if your heart is set on the 1911 then buy it because if someone talks you into another weapon no matter how good of a weapon it is you will always tell yourself "Man I wish I would've bought a 1911" and you wont be able to appreciate your other guns :p One thing I've noticed around the range is that buying a weapon alot of times is not driven for what we need (cause lord knows most of us have enough guns to supply a whole company with firepower) Its all about what we want :p Trust me if you shoot any at all once you buy your first 1911 you will probably buy at least one more and then after a while you'll buy a polymer and you'll buy another one. You are about to embark on a journey that will of course cost you alot of money :) Of course then theres the wife "When did you get that gun? or Why do you need another gun?" and you'll say "OH! This gun? I've been having this one for a while. :p" but anyway all that said get a 1911 everyone who shoots has to have one you won't be disappointed.
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