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1911 Basic Question

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I'm new here and new to pistols in general. As soon as my permit clears I plan in buying a 1911 for target and self defense. I like the light single action trigger and the basic design. I've shot 4 different pistols and was surprised at how far superior the pull was on the 1911. The double actions seem much too difficult for target practice or competing. Since I admittedly know practically nothing about pistols in general I have a basic question.

If the single action 1911 is so popular for target shooting because of the single action design, why aren't more pistols available in this configuration? Am I missing something here? or are they available and I just don't know enough about what is out there. Should I be looking at other models as well?
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The popularity of the 1911 as a target gun has to do with more than the single action trigger. That fact that it was a successful military firearm, especially after WW2, when a lot of GIs came home and started to shoot didn't hurt. That was about the time when target shooters began the big transition from revolvers to autos.
Browning's design is easy to work on. As nice as the trigger that you experienced was, chances are that it can be made better; it was probably a stock trigger. It is a relatively easy gun to accurize - make the lockup of parts repeatable - as well as durable. A well done 1911 will put ten shots into two inches at 50 yds. if the shooter is up to the task.
Time has allowed for a truly vast number of aftermarket parts for the 1911. Virtually every part in the gun can be upgraded - though that is not needed as the original design was superior (Years ago, I sent my 1911 to the late George Madore, along with a new "match" barrel to install when he was accurizing the gun. He tested the stock barrel before installing the new one. His advice, which I took, was to send the match barrel back, it was not needed.).
Since the military switch to the Beretta 9mm years ago, the Army Marksmanship gunnies have done wonderful work getting that piece to shoot well in competition but the 1911 still dominates.
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