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1911 Basic Question

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I'm new here and new to pistols in general. As soon as my permit clears I plan in buying a 1911 for target and self defense. I like the light single action trigger and the basic design. I've shot 4 different pistols and was surprised at how far superior the pull was on the 1911. The double actions seem much too difficult for target practice or competing. Since I admittedly know practically nothing about pistols in general I have a basic question.

If the single action 1911 is so popular for target shooting because of the single action design, why aren't more pistols available in this configuration? Am I missing something here? or are they available and I just don't know enough about what is out there. Should I be looking at other models as well?
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You're all a bunch of Kool-aid drinkers. :D


1911s are indeed awesome. Just remember: there is a (albeit loose) correlation between level-of-customization and reliability, and the latter is paramount for self-defense. If you do something to it, make damn well sure it won't break at the wrong time or keep the gun from doing what it's supposed to.

So get two - one to play with, and one to leave stock for the nightstand/waistband. :twisted:
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