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1911 build from ground up.

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Who has done a 1911 build, starting from a basic frame and building up to a complete custom pistol. I am thinking about jumping into this pond but don't know how difficult it will be to swim. I've seen the slides and frames and every other part I need to build a 1911 in gunsmithing catalogs and premium gun maker catalogs. How hard would it be to build a tight, Les Baer type, 1911? If anybody has experience let me know.
I am somewhat mechanically inclined but i don't work with my hands for a living(I'm a numbers guy), thus my labor/technical abilies would probalby be considered medocre.
The reason i would like to build is for the satifiaction of making a great firearm.

Any input from those who have tried and those who have been succesfull would be greatly apprecitated.

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I have not, but I did consider it. As a numbers guy... add up all the pieces and parts and then compare to a good semi-custom pistol. You won't find enough difference, I believe, to risk a DIY project. :wink:
I'm not doing it to save money but for the experience.
There is a reason a Les Bauer goes for what it does. An awful lot of skill and especially experience goes into making one of these pistols and that does not come cheaply. Sorting through various parts looking for "the right one" and then having the skill, experience, and equipment to do the machining and finishing work is generally more then a first timer would likely have. Even most custom houses have specialists that assemble the gun, not one person from start to finish. Ending up with a custom quality gun is unlikely but putting together a servicable working pistol is a real possibility though and the satisfaction of doing it yourself is priceless.
On the other hand, there is only one way to learn.
I say go for it :wink: I thought about building one myself after seeing parts kits available in Shotgun News for not much money. It would be fun and give you a lot of experience for future projects. You really don't have anything to lose.
I have done this. I recommend this approach. Purchase the most basic model of your preferred frame. Then do 1 mod at a time. It gets really hard to trouble shoot feed problems for a novice when you just fitted a barrel, installed an extractor, flared an ejection port etc......

Working at 1 fuction at a time will save you confusion and offer more intimate knowledge.
Thanks for the input. If I end up doing the build i will post some pics.
El Padrino

Did you ever end up doing this? This is something I've been thinking about for awhile and wanted your opinion if you tried it and what the results were.
Working on my fourth one now. One with Sarco parts kit and frame. Three with Essex frames and slides. All have gone without a hitch and all are accurate. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 6208&hl=en

http://www.sightm1911.com/lib/tech/reli ... ecrets.htm

You might find the above sites interesting.
Now I got the bug, it looks very easy, is there really that few parts? Thank you sgthurly (excuse if I misspelled); Phil
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