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Hi guys,
I am new to this forum and I need some help,
I would like to buy a 1911 and I don’t know what to buy, can you narrow down like 3 or 4 best guns for home defense and range shooting. In California we can’t carry a gun to much law.
I need opinions on .45 and 9mm but I am leaning toward 9mm its cheaper then .45.
Any pros and cons are welcome
Thanks to all.
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For home defense and range fun and practice, I would definitely go with a full size 5" barreled 1911 in either chambering. Some will argue about the chambering. A lot of 1911 fans will say that it has to be a .45 ACP because that is the way god intended it to be. The .45 is hands down a better defensive round than the 9mm. But some of the premium +P 9mm hollow point rounds available are nothing to sneeze at. 9mm FMJ ammo costs a lot less than .45 for practice and fun. And out of a full size 1911, recoil will be very mild with the 9mm. I would say go with the 9mm if you don't reload and are mainly looking for a range shooter that can pull home defense duty. If you are primarily looking for home defense, then go .45 ACP (or get a shotgun).

Check out Springfield Armory:


or Kimber:


Bear in mind there are lots of options as far as finish and things like fixed or adjustable sights.
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I would recommend a 1911 as well - and look over the offerings from Wilson Combat for what I think are some of the best made 1911's out there. I like their 5" guns - like the Protector all stainless - in 9mm, .40 S&W or in .45 acp.

I think a 1911 in 9mm is a great weapon to practice with at the range / and with the right round a 9mm can be an effective defensive weapon. Personally, I shoot the 1911 in 9mm for practice and carry a 1911 in .45 acp ( I also like the Wilson Combat CQB 5" model as well ). Very good guns right out of the box.
norinco 1911 a1. for 1/4 of the cost of the kimber or wilson.

it can be customized and tuned to your liking. they come in both 9 mm and 45. here is a site that can show you some examples

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