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This might sound like a stupid post, so please bear with me.

I've always been a fan of the 1911 and the M16/M4 series. I see these as icons of Americanism, as both weapons were standard issue for very long periods of time in the US military.

I've been thinking about getting a 1911 when I'm a bit older. Unfortunately, everyone makes a 1911 now. Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Sig, etc.; they all make them. But where the hell are the good old Colts? I mean, Colt made the original 1911's, right? Same with the military issue rifles? (Please, correct me if I'm wrong. I've heard many soldiers refer to their M4 as their "Bushmaster.")

I looked on Colt's website, and it seems like they don't have a basic 1911, the way that Springfield has a milspec model. Colt has these competition 1911's as well as their WWI model.

So why don't I just buy the Springfield milspec? Well, (bad analogy alert) I wouldn't buy a Mustang made by Chevy (bad analogy over).

Am I making any sense? Does Colt still make 1911's that aren't WWI copies? I mean, do they make modern up to date 1911's that aren't all flashy and decked out?

Edit: I guess what I'm really asking is, "Does Colt make any 'basic' 1911 models anymore"? :)
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Damned few of the .45's were made by Colt after WW II... if what I saw during my career is any indicator. Hell, I had one made by Mattel and one made by Singer Sewing Machine Company.

IMO... the Springfield is the most accurate rendition of the old war horse. I think Colt is out of the business of selling to the public, as well. :wink:
So when I hear people saying they have a Colt Commander or a Colt 1911 it isn't really a Colt? Damn them!

I'm not sure if my initial post made much sense, but I guess I just would rather have a 1911 made by the original company more than anything else.

Springfield it is? :p

Edit: The 1911's being used by law enforcement and similar agencies...who makes them? Are they Springfields?
I guess what I'm asking is: the service .45's being used are made by which company now?
Re: re: 1911?

RectifiedRob said:
I guess what I'm asking is: the service .45's being used are made by which company now?
In a sadly misguided turn of events some years back, the official military sidearm became a Beretta 9x19, not the 1911 in .45 ACP.

There are a few 1911s floating around in the special units, but these were probably leftovers, or may have been purchased from one of the current mfrs.
Well if John browning could have sat on the patent for just a wee bit, then we'd have a 1911 by the original company. Alas, at least we don't all have to shout Hail Kaiser!... Sorry feeling punchy. I find it strange that with every one getting on the 1911 band wagon we haven't seen browning jump in. I guess they can't do a Made in USA 1911 to compete with the other guys on price. (After all the 1911 is THE American sidearm, and american buyers want an American product, at least in this instance.)

Would be REAL NICE to see a limited production 100 yr anniversary by the Browning folks, guess time will tell...

Above posts are accurate, as during war time the source for 199's were all over the map. If they needed them anyone with the machine shops to put out volume would get a contract...

Of all the Guns out there the Springfield Mil Spec is probably closest NIB gun to the Classic 1911.
There are a lot of 1911's that are true to the original design, in my mind at least. Being a vietnam era vet myself, the colt .45 wasn't really anything to write home about. Don't get me wrong - it was ok - but the quality of the parts were a little suspect by that time. I appreciate nostalga as much as anybody - but I wouldn't buy a Colt or a Springfield today. They aren't bad guns - but there are better made and more accurate 1911's on the market today.

For my money - Wilson Combat makes a real nice 1911 - and I would suggest the full size Close Quarters Battle as a very nice gun at $1,950 list price right now. I would put Wilson Combat as #1 on my list for 1911's.

I have some Kimbers as well - but they added a thing that irritates me - a little nipple that sticks up under the slide that is actuated by the grip safety - and I just don't like it. It hangs up the removal of the slide way too often when I bump the grip safety as I take them down. But the Kimber's shoot ok - especially if you get one of the models out of their custom shop. The current crop of SIG's are pretty good guns - but they look a lot like the Kimbers, in my opinion. There are others - Les Baer, etc but I wouldn't recommend them over the Wilson Combat. If you have the money the Wilson Combat Super Grade is a very good gun but you're looking at $ 3,695 list price.

But everybody should buy what they want - and if it's a milspec you want - I think Springfield is your best choice - but I don't think anyone will tell you it's as good a gun as Wilson Combat.
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Man, it's really disappointing to find out Colt doesn't make the 1911 anymore. I mean, I see the Colt 1911 and M16/M4 as symbols of Americanism. I was even thinking of getting a 1911 tattood on my shoulder :)

It seems like Springfield is a good choice, as they now make the 1911 and the M14 and M1 rifles, which used to be in service.
Check out the most current American Rifleman (Nov 06).
This is the production list for 1911A1's during WWII:

Ithica Gun Co: 400,000
Remington-Rand: 900,000
Colt: 400,000
Union Switc & Signal: 50,000
Singer: 500
Wow, so Colt wasn't even the largest manufacturer of the 1911.

What companies have the current contracts for the US military as far as the rifles go? I know Beretta is making that horrid M9.
Colt for M16. At least that is who made the rifles issued to me when I was in the Corps.
BTW...I love my horrid 92.

UPDATE: ya my was an A2 also...during the Clinton years...or on the bright side the Gingrich years.
I carried a Colt M16A2 and later an M4 issued to me when I was in Iraq.
No offense intended, Padrino. :)
none taken...tell us what you decided to get.
Ah, it'll be a while before I can buy. I'm 19 now, 20 in about 6-7 months. I have to be 21, if I remember correctly, to buy a pistol. So yeah....

Anyways, I don't think I'll be going for a 1911. I don't want to buy a pistol that is a "second choice." I mean, I've always seen the 1911 as a Colt pistol, not a Kimber, or a Sig, or whatnot. I don't know if that makes sense.

More likely than not I'll be going with a Sig or the Walther P99. I'm just stuck on the Sigs; I love the look of the P232, but the .380 ACP leaves me feeling a little iffy about it. I mean, .380 is 9mm short, right? It just seems a little weak. But it's a small pistol so I could easily conceal it. I figure it'll do the job as long as I'm not getting mugged by a guy with a bulletproof vest.

I like the P220 and P226, but they seem a little too big to carry, hence why I'm looking at the P220 Carry and the P229 (basically a P226 Carry, right? :p). I honestly don't like the way the P229 looks at all, so I'm not sure. I just remember someone making a great point about copying a law enforcement agency's hardware and ammo for legal reason. I mean hell, if Air Marshals are issued P229 in .357 SIG and I copy their weapon/ammo, and one of my shots overpenetrates, I've got a damn good defense.
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1911's are great but the first handgun I purchased was a Sig P229. I actually put it on layaway so I could shoot it before I turned 21. My gun shop luckily had a shooting range inside so it was convenient. Over 10 years later I still think it was a great choice.
good luck.
My first was a Security Six, but a 1911 is one of the next guns I'm gonna look for at the coming gun show sometime this year. Finding a good price will be one matter, good condition another, and a reputable name still another.

The good names in the 1911 series are Colt, Sprinfield Armory, Rock Island, Taurus and Kimber, right? Who else makes a 1911 of reputable quality that's easily affordable?
I think you pretty well covered it. Caspian Arms, Les Bauer and others are reputable but expensive. You can throw Colt in the expensive category too. I personally am very happy with Springfield Armory both in quality and price.
I agree with Fuel...Springfield makes a great 1911 at a great price. There are pleanty of torture test online to document how solid they are.
Bob: I was just looking at the Colt website - www.coltsmfg.com - and if you want a basic Colt 1911, the WWI replica will do just fine. Also, the series 70 or the series 1991 are your basic .45.
There's nothing wrong with them.
I own a Gold Cup that I have been shooting for years and which has many 10s of thousands of rounds through it. It has never let me down and still groups better than I can hold.
I also have a basic Springfield that I have no complaints about.
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