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Greetings fellow pistoleers!

I have been a member for over one minute, and am requesting assistance.

I purchased a very worn 1911A1 pistol a few years ago, and thought I had an Ithaca pistol, until I discovered that the Ithaca slide was mated to a Colt frame.

A few days ago I managed to purchase another 1911A1 on a Gunbroker auction.

The "new" pistol came with a Colt slide, and Ithaca frame.

My first pistol was very worn and without any appreciable original parkerizing remaining.

Unfortunately, the new pistol has been polished and re-blued, and while it looks "okay", the shiny blue does not allow for a successful marriage of the two slides and frames into two original pistols as I had hoped.

I have been unable to find a craftsman on the Internet that seems prepared to restore these two pistols to what they could be together after all these years.

Anyone on the forum know of a gunsmith/hobbyist, or professional that could take on such a job?

thank you for your time,

San Antonio, TX

http://s924.photobucket.com/albums/ad85 ... -22004.jpg
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