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22LR Pistols?

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I just picked up my first revolver, a 4" S&W 66-2 and im hooked. Ayhow, id like to get a 22LR as well (revolver or pistol) due to how cheap 22 ammo can be found. .38s & .357s arent all that cheap... what are my options? I just want to see whats out there in the 300 or less price range.


**EDIT** it was too early and i meant to post 22LR NOT 9mm.... (although a 9 would be nice too) whoops (long day)
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re: 9mm Revolvers?

I have a 9mm Ruger SP101. Its a joy to shoot but they can be a bit difficult to find. Ruger also made the Speed Six in 9mm. S&W made a pocket sized 9mm but I'm not sure about the model number. I think it was the 547. Taurus made some small 9mm revolvers but they all look to be discontinued. Be patient and you'll find one that suits you.
sorry fuelburns. i meant to type 22lr but had 9mm on my mind and wasnt thinking...
For that money it would be hard to be a used Ruger--Mark I or II
Well that makes more sense as far as the difference in ammo prices. :wink: If you want an affordable .22 revolver I suggest Taurus. The Ruger Mk I, II, and III are all great pistols and used they can be had for $300 or less. I like the style of the Walther P22 and the base model sells for about $300 MSRP. .22 options are abundant if you look around. Good luck.

The base Ruger semi-autos can be found for $200 new at Gander Mountain as well as the Beretta Neo and S&W 22A. At least that is what the flyer said earlier this week. I didn't see any Rugers at the GM I visited but they had a few of the others. Also under $300 is the Browning Buckmark which I personally like. The Taurus may be the best priced double action revolver but the Ruger Single Six is pretty nice and still in the $300 range. There are probably others but those are the ones I'm either interested in or advertised the most so I notice them.
I'm currently looking at a Ruger Single Six with the conversion cylinder. With two cylinders it can shoot 22 long rifle or 22 magnum. They're on GunsAmerica for $275-$400.
thanks for the input guys. im sort of leaning towards a semi-auto. i orginally wanted a DA revolver but in my price range that doesnt look do-able. i've heard 80% negative feedback from taurus 22 revolver owners... (model 94 i believe). i'm a browning, ruger, and S&W fan so any of the above would be sweet :) i deffinitely like the style of the walther as well, but i want to get whatever is going to be most accurate/reliable and fun :)
the idea of a brand new ruger at around $200 makes me think i can find one used for low $100s :)

i also have a friend with a ruger single six who will sell to me, but if i get a revolver i want it to be DA so i can learn to shoot my S&W 66 better
.22 pistols are the way to go. A friend sold me a saturday night speacial for $50 bucks. It's awesome for what it is.

If you're going to put a lot of miles on it, you'd be pretty well served with a p22. Or any one of the rugers.
thanks for the responses guys (and gals?). looks like i'll be looking into a good deal on a semi - walther, S&W 22a, ruger MK, or possibly a browning if i can find a good bargain. i simply cant stand the look of the beretta neos.
Hands down the Ruger Mark I or II. They are bomb-proof, will shoot any .22 ammo and they are accurate and reliable.
I like both the Ruger Mark II and the Browning Buckmark, but for different reasons. (The ruger mark III has the loaded chamber indicator which in my eyes breaks up the lines on an otherwise clasic pistol. It also has a mag saftey, which some don't like.)

The ruger has more aftermarket parts and is all steel. The Buckmark is easier to breakdown and clean. The ruger mark II is not that hard to strip down , but it takes some getting used to. Both are great shooters.

Look over a used mark II, as some have really lousy triggers, and you should just pass on these. wait until a better one comes along. It will. IHMO a 200-250$ gun is not worth putting a $75+ trigger job into.

Some folks like the walther p22. I personlly am not a fan of polymer guns and like my 22's to be SA. just doesn't get me excited.
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I own a Mark 1 and Mark 2. I prefer the Mark 2, and do love that pistol. A Mark 2 would be hard to beat.
any problems with the 94? it is a good lucking gun. plus i still think having a DA revolver would be great to learn to shoot my S&W 66 better
Paul, why don't you sell the 94 to Quivvy and buy my SP101. :wink:
I know the Ruger Mark III may be a little more than your looking to spend, but, Having owned several Mark I's and II's, I like the looks of the Mark III hunter model. One of the things I like the most about it is the loaded chamber indicator, so I don't have to slide the bolt back to see if it chambered a round.

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You can't go wrong with the Ruger Mk II, that is if you can find one. The Walther P22 is a nice little gun, around here they go for around $250.00- $300.00 depending which one you get and if you get the lazer with it. The only complaint I have with it is the trigger is awful.
You should still be able to find new Ruger Mark IIs around. There is nothing wrong with used. I have a S&W 617 10 shot 6" K-22 Masterpiece that is simply awesome. I have a new Mark II 4" bull barrel MK4B on layaway that I will bring home sometime after Christmas. I over paid for the Ruger, but I liked that 4" bull barrel and they are a little hard to find.
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