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3 old pistols

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These belong to a friend of mine... from his grandfather.

They are possibly WWII vet bring backs as he served in the European theatre, but since he is now deceased my friend does not know the origin.

Any help would be appreciated.




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First one's an Astra 300. Reasonably popular and well-built Spanish straight-blowback pistols.

Second one looks like a Webley British Bulldog in one of the smaller calibers (.320?), or more likely one of the legion of Belgian copies thereof; I don't know if the hinged trigger was an option on the Webley, and certainly not the standard set-up. The Bulldog was immensely popular circa 1880, and were even quite common in the American west.

Number three is probably a Belgian center-fire revolver, swing forward, simultaneous ejection. Couldn't tell you company, though it's probably made in Liege. There were hundreds of independent gunshops, until a bunch banded together to form Fabrique Nationale and the rest either conglomorated or dried up.

Any markings?

Those are some cool pieces your friend has there. No idea about value, but certainly worth a few style points.

Great, thank you!

On #3, here's a marking I can see in the photo

I originally asked him if the guns had any markings, and he said no. Well, I clearly see some on 1 and 3. I'll tell him to look closer.
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On the cylinder of #2...


L G (E L G in a circle)


On the barrel of #3...

ALSPIRLET &C 11 (or 17 or 1F... hard to determine exactly)
4002 Cast Steel
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ELG is a Belgian proof, and I'd say both the revolvers are Belgian, maybe 1880-1890.

The Astra was used by Germany, and would be marked with German proofs etc if it was.(they were also used by anybody else who had one.)
They are good guns still.

Yes, on closer inspection the Astra has the complete range of markings as shown here...


He also has the original hoster as pictured on that page.

So, that's a definite WWII bring back.

Since the other two seem to be Belgium, it seems likely they were also bring backs, but not lifted off the body of a dead German as was the accompanying story.

Or maybe old grandpa looted a looter :)
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