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.32 H&R

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Anyone out there have the 432PD in .32 H&R Magnum? Ever have problem with the Airweight model, not the caliber?

Looked at it recently and liked its feel. Crimison Trace laser grips too. Probably wouldn't be a carry gun, but a nice revolver to have at home for the misses and me. Probably be used mostly for plinking and as an emergency-situation gun.

Still looking at a used Ruger SP101 too...can only buy one of them.
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If you get the Smith, you'll probably want to baby it and shoot it sparingly. Get the SP, and you'll shoot the heck out of it and pack it everywhere.

Both fine guns, but one's a beauty queen and the other is a construction worker.
I have a SP101 in .32 mag and I love it. You don't have to worry about scratches with the Ruger and its a great shooter. The S&W may retain a higher resale value relatively speaking. Either should be fine for what you intend so go with your favorite of the two.
What has you settled on the .32?

Plinking will be alot cheaper with a .38 or .357 mag (you can shoot .38's in the .357).
I wasn't settled on the .32 exactly.

The model on hand for the 432PD in my local gunshop is .32 H&R. The Ruger I am considering is .357 Magnum. The only drawback of the Ruger is my wife (who comes to the range with me) will not use the .357, but she could shoot my .380 ACP instead.

Life's hard decisions...
The .357 will also shoot .38 Special (very mild), .38 Special +P (a little hotter), and .38 Special +P+ (almost a .357) as well as the .357 Mag loads. Just be sure to scrub the cylinder well after each outing with the shorter .38 Spl loads.

.38 Special ammo will cost a whole great big bunch less than .32 mag, and the .38 Spl +P is definitely preferable to the .32 for a stopper.
I have the 432PD and I love it. I carry it as a BUG to my G27. I have a 642 also. The 432 is carried weak side and I practice one handed rapid fire. I hit much better with it than the 642 weak hand unsupported. My feeling is that if my dominate hand is out of the fight I want to be able to place rapid accurate fire with my weak hand. I have it loaded with Black Hills. :wink:
I usually carry my 432 everytime I went on shooting. And I am proud of having it.
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