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.32 mag SP101

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The Ruger SP101 I won on Gunbroker finally came in today. I'll pick it up early tomorrow and have some pics to share too. It has a 4'' barrel. I bought it because I wanted to see what its like to shoot a .32 H&R mag and I really like the 4' barrel on the SP101.
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Hope you like the lil' 32 caliber. I've got several 32's, including a sp101 for my wife. The wilson spring kit is great for the single action, although I didn't like the lighter mainspring, so I kept that stock. (with the lighter spring the trigger return felt "ratchety".)

The grip is a little small for my hand, and I have troble hitting accuratly ove 7-10yds because of it. Fits her better, and she has no problems. Hogue makes a slightly larger grip, but not much bigger than stock)

If you want to shoot 32 with any regularity, I'd say it's time to start reloading. I like the rainer ballistics 32 100gr FP for magnums, and the hordnady 85gr xtp for s&w longs. Titegroup is a great powder for smaller callibers, if your powder measure can do 2 grain drops!

I have ordered ammo from both cabelas (S&B) and midwayusa, and they are as about as cheap as I can find. Lead WCs and cowboy loads are dirty, though. Magtechs are sometimes availible at my range for $18 abox for 32s&w longs! (get that reloader press, and a set of hornady dies in 32s&w/H&R)

http://www.midwayusa.com/ebrowse.exe/br ... 3***691***

Enjoy the new gun.. You'll have to get a S&W Airweight J frame carry gun in 32mag next... I'm always searching for a deal on a late model s&w 16 w/ 6" barrel myself.
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I've been eye'n a set of these for a stocking stuffer for the little lady, haven't called to check if they would fit the 32...

http://www.klamathriverwoodworks.com./w ... ID2=vTkig9
16'er, those Redwood Burl grip inserts are beautiful! Are those the only set or do they have several of those? I'd like to get them but I don't want to buy them away from you if they're the last set.

It finally came in today. My purchase permit expired Friday and the gun came in early Saturday so I had to wait all weekend knowing it was waiting for me. Ammo is extremely difficult to find in this area. Only one store stocks CorBon ($$$$) with 20 in a box. Anyways, here it is, on the bottom. This is the only SP101 I would put nice grip inserts on. The other two are carry guns.

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Says on his site they are availible in any type of wood, so if they do fit, go ahead and get some. I still haven't called yet. I have my doubts they will fit because the top edge on the grip shown looks concave, and I believe mine is straight. have you gotten out to shoot it yet?
You may be right about the fit. I'll have to take a closer look at it.

I haven't had it out yet. I have far too many guns in the safe that I've never shot. I need to do something about that soon.

Great looknig shooter you've got there. I had one for the ex missus, and it was a joy to shoot.

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