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.357, which one??

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I have my springfield XD9 and I absolutely love it. I'm currently in saving mode to get a new savage preditor rifle and a 1911. However I would like to get and inexpensive 357 revolver to hold me over. You guy have any suggestions(money is limited as I have other goodies to buy also).
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Ruger Security Six, very good quality and a low price. Got mine for $300 total.
Taurus or Rossi.

I got my taurus for $300 used, retail for a little more than $400
A .357 revolver recommendation would depend on

1) What's its primary purpose.

2) What's your definition of inexpensive.

Fill us in on the details, and you'll get a bunch of recommendations.
No specific purpose really, just want one(I don't think thats a bad thing :wink:)

I'll probably just take it to the range and possibly as a side arm when I deer hunt. So basically think more along the lines of "hunting/hiking sidearm" and not so much a target gun.

I'm looking for something under $300-$400 (I don't mind used)
A nice used Smith & Wesson would easily fall into your price range and will last a life time or two.
Veritas said:
.....So basically think more along the lines of "hunting/hiking sidearm" and not so much a target gun.
A new blued Ruger GP-100, either 4" or 6" would fall in your price range. The stainless is a bit more.

The GP-100, though not as elegant as the S&W .357s, is built like a tank and will take a constant pounding from full-house loads that would loosen up a Smith. They're easy to strip down and reassemble for a complete cleaning.

For packing in the woods, I carry the predecessor to the GP.... the Security Six. For the pistol range, I prefer a S&W 19.
For something different in your growing collection, you might want to consider a single action Ruger. The 50th Anniversary Flattop with its 4-5/8" barrel is comfortable for woods packing and there are still a few NIB out there for around $400. A used 6-1/2" barreled New Model Blackhawk can be had for around $275. Either one would fit your needs.
The 50th Anniversary Flattop with its 4-5/8" barrel is comfortable for woods packing and there are still a few NIB out there for around $400. A used 6-1/2" barreled New Model Blackhawk can be had for around $275. Either one would fit your needs.
And both are excellent guns! :D
I agree on the singel action Rugers if it is to be used for plinking and hunting. If for conceaed carry, then a Ruger 100 or 101 or any of a variety of S&W models are the only way to go IMHO
Got a chance to shoot a friends ruger GP100 tonight and I liked it quite a bit. I have access to a Taurus so i'll have to shoot that and see how they compare. S&W's are really nice but I think i'm too new to know the difference to be able to justify the cost.
Used S&W tend to be a great value. A new Model 10 (.38sp) retails for over $600 around here and I've seen older used Mod 10s for $250-$350 in very good condition. Just something to consider.

The Model 10 was an example since it is only a .38
Yeah I like the idea of a 357 since I can carry magnums when I deer hunt and 38's to target shoot.
I second a used S&W. There are still a number of them on the market that are police trades which are priced very reasonably in the $300 range. The GP 100 are nice guns and fall between the K and N frames in size and weight which makes them stronger than the K-frame but heavier to carry. I don't care for the triggers as I don't find them as smooth as a Smith nor are they easy to clean up. I am not a Taurus fan as I have seen some fairly poor workmanship and parts come from them back a bit but many are happy with theirs so maybe the quality control is better now. In any event, I would still rather have a used S&W than a new Taurus, call me a snob I don't mind.
Oh I completely understand. I use the phrase "I'd rather push my Toyota then ride in your Jeep" quite often. I just realized that out of all the firearms I own, I have never bought a used gun. The only used gun I own is ruger 10/22 that was given to me for free :D .
I'll second what uglydog said about the Taurus revolvers; I've found some that were good, most were simply okay,and quite a few were terrible in terms of workmanship.

Like I stated before, the GP-100 isn't as elegant as a Smith, but it's just about indestructible.

I'd recommend avoiding a Taurus unless you have the opportunity to take it to the range and give it a good workout before you buy it.
I have a S&W Model 686 .357 stainless with 4 inch barrell. I bought it new in 1986 for about $300 and is worth as much today. I just fired it this week and it just is a simple, solid gun. A classic.
I have a recent edition Rossi 971, imported by Braztech, made by Taurus. Have had it for about a year and have put about 1,000 rounds thru it, So far no problems. It was very accurate right out of the box. I like the trigger in SA mode very much. DA mode takes practise. It also fits my medium sized hands very well. I think it is a solid, no frills, handgun and a good value. I'm not going to try and over sell it as more than what it is. But I'm happy with my choice.

Visit different forums and you'll find passions run high when it comes to revolvers. I have no particular axe to grind pro or con against any make, and made my own choice after much reading, what was available when I was ready to purchase, and gun shop owner recommendation. Rugers are very solid, very reliable, a little heavy, high rated customer support, but I just don't care for how it feels in my hand and don't find it especially comfortable to shoot. Too bad for me, but for someone it's probably a perfect choice. People generally love the older Colts and S&W and for good reason. If I'd found one in good shape and a good price I might have gone that way, but where I live they tend to be a bit over priced And the defenders of the older S&W are frequent complainers of the newer models in claiming the QC has declined appreciably. So I concluded the newer S&W might not be worth the price premium. Taurus and Rossi share a hit or miss past but the complaints always tended towards inconsistant quality rather than generally poor quality in materials or manufacture. Problems seem to be far fewer in guns made since the Taurus/Rossi merger. The Rossi is now a bread and butter line. They use simple, older, proven designs and most of the kinks in their QC process seem worked out. Finally, for me, the gun shop owner, who I consider very knowledgable (never an question answered that didn't prove to be spot on), who could use any handgun he wanted as his in-store side arm, straps on a Rossi every day. So in short I considered the Rossi a decent gamble, and an excellent bang for the buck. So far I'm not disappointed.
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Smith & Wesson make the best revolvers in the world as far as I'm concerned and you can find a Model 66 .357 for around $300 at gun shows!
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