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.38 cal Wadcutter Bullets

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A friend gave me 200 .38cal 148gr jacketed wadcutters and I am going to load them in both .38 Spcl and .357 Mag and was wondering about the seating depth on a wadcutter as I have never loaded this type of bulle. These have a cannuler on both ends and looks like they seat deep with maybe .045 or so sticking above the brass. Izzat the right way?? None of my books cover wadcutter type bullets.

He had two bags of 100 each that he picked up at a gunshow in Tucson. Don't know the manufacturer or brand name of them.
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Ratbert. With out going out to my ammo cabinet in the garage. I think somwhere around .045 + or - sounds about
right. I have been using lead wadcutters for about 45 years and I can't remember seeing jacketed ones. I used to use swaged
half jackets which looked similar to wadcutters but had more lead sticking out.
Make sure you get the crimp in the canilure.
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