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4 additions to arsenal, 2 pistols 2 rifles

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So my friend hawked 4 of his guns, couldnt pay the loan in time so he let me pay the loan and buy them from him. So my new guns are:

M1 Carbine

CETME .308

Springfield 1911 .45ACP

Smith & Wesson 500 magnum , oh yea!! :twisted:
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The M-1 is a neat gun, I have one that is an early Winchester model with the safety and mag release nearly next to each other. I hope you have better luck with the CETME than others I've heard about, there seems to be quite a discrepancy in their quality control. Of the two pistols there isn't much to be said, the Springfield is one of the better buys out there and the S&W is definitely big (though I hate those types of rubber grips and would replace them soonest). You got a real steal on them from your buddy and owe him one for the deal.
Very nice! I've heard that the CETMEs have a break in period of several hundred rounds. After that they are supposedly very reliable. I was going to buy one from my cousin but he sold it to someone else after offering it to me. :x

The 500 is an impressive cannon but too expensive to feed (for me) I'd rather have the 460 and shoot .45 when I feel cheap. Sounds like a great deal though, enjoy them. :D
I forgot to say, loan was like $1005.

I'd rather have the 460
If I were to go buy one new it would be the 460 magnum, I like that you can shoot .45 long colts and .454 casull threw it also.

and yes the 500 is expensive to feed, "cheap" stuff is about $1 a round and good ammo is up to $3 a round! Dirty Harry would slap his mother to get his hands on a S&W 500

to show just how massive the 500 is, here is a pic of it next to my Taurus 8 shot .357mag
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Massive-more like COLLASAL :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Those are some nice additions, I love them all :)
I'll take the S&W 500 off your hands if your don't like it. IM with a price if your interested.
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