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40SW 9mm 38Super

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I read something I don't understand:

Can someone please explain to me:
1) how you can run all 3 rounds through the same gun.
2) What needs to be replaced in order to get it to work, and how much would the components cost.
3) Is it really safe or just a hack

I though you would need a new slide and mag, but I guess I am wrong.
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Yep, you can, you need to change barrels, and recoil springs, but they will all fit the same frame in this case. I belive the magizines are the same also, but I could be wrong.
And yes it's safe, the factory uses the same frame for all three calibers.
Is this tru for all 1911's? Para 16.40 , SA GI, Kimber Target ext...

Have you done it? With what gun?
DirtyWigeon said:
Is this tru for all 1911's? Para 16.40 , SA GI, Kimber Target ext...

Have you done it? With what gun?
No I haven't done it, and if you want this conversion, from what I understand, you need to start with the .40 gun, because it has the largest breach face, and you may have to tune your extractor. I've read about this several times while reasearching some other conversions.
The one I'm really serious about is the .45 to 460 Rowland, this gives velocity equal to 44 mag out of a .45, now that sounds like fun to me!!
Yeah, this is do-able. I have seen it done very reliably with the .38 super and 9mm. Never saw all three with the .40 though. I suspect there wouldnt be a problem. You need custom matched components for good reliablity, ie cut barrels, extractor, feed ramp, etc. Its all the same gun if the barrel stays the same diameter.
ok so lets say I buy a SA Mil-Spec 38 Super. What parts do I need to shot 9mm?
DirtyWigeon said:
ok so lets say I buy a SA Mil-Spec 38 Super. What parts do I need to shot 9mm?
I haven't done it, but I would think something like a kart barrel kit that comes with the link, pin, barrel, and bushing. and a 9mm spring set from wolf. You might want to talk to a real gunsmith before you start buying things, to make sure you have all you need.
Part of the reason I want to do the 460 rowland conversion, is that it all comes as a kit, so there's no guessing about what will work.

After thinking about this 38 super to 9mm conversion, I guess I am wondering why you want to do it? Is it the price of the ammo?
If you really think about it, there is only about 50-75 fps differance in the max loads, using the same bullets. according to my speer reloading manual. :?:
I am trying to decide on my first handgun. I really like the look/feel of the 1911, but don't really want a 45.

I considerd a 1911 in 40sw, but can't find a decent gun that is affordable. 99% will be target shooting, and 1% for defense if I am camping or something. A SA mil-spec is affordable, and IMO looks real nice parkerized. But I would rather shoot 9mm than 38super cuz the ammo is cheaper and more available. so If I new how much the conversion would cost I could figure out how much ammo I would have to shoot to make it worth it.

In the end I may just pick up a used Hi-Power and be done with it, but a 1911 in 40SW or 9mm are still my first choice. I guess I would get the 38super mil-spec before I would get a HP. so basically I am trying to figure out my options.. to help make my decision.

oh and why I want 40SW... it just seems to get more respect from the shooting comunity.

really I guess I am just board and exploring the world of 1911's and handguns.

If you do not want the .45 - I would suggest the .38 Super. :D
I agree with Paul!! :) Before you give up completly on the .45, have you shot one before?
Some people think they will have a lot of recoil, or won't be as economical to shoot.
As far as recoil goes, the .45 in a full size 1911 is not bad at all IMHO, in fact I find several revolver calibers to be a lot less fun to shoot because of recoil, even my little .32 keltec hurts a lot more than my .45.
Second, the ammo is everywhere, and if you shop around, you can shoot the .45 for very little more than just about any of the other offerings, and I think you will find the .45 is less expenisve to shoot than the 38 super, as far as ammo goes.
I fell in love with the 1911 after shooting a friends supped up Colt. the 45 shot smoother than his 9mm sig. at least I thought it did.

Not really sure why I don't want 45. Ammo price is one thing, and I hate the american "biger is better" attitude. 9mm seems a little more refined. sort of a Jeep vs Ford F150 thing... I guess.
Different folks may hold different opinions, but my 2 cents' worth is that you can't beat the .45 ACP in a 1911.

Factory ammo choices (if you don't handload) are abundant, and it ain't much more than the 9x19 if you're shopping for the bulk cheap stuff.

The recoil of a .45 ACP in a 1911 is very mild.

If you ever need it to stop a bad guy, there's absolutely no comparison between the 9x19 and the .45. The .40 has plenty of ooomph, but you can't find cheap ammo like you can for the .45.
One thing about the slow moving, heavily slugged .45 - bad guys generally do not continue to fight after being hit... just about anywhere! For me, the .45 ACP is the one to have! :D
The bigger is better thing applies here, the .45 is a better round than the 9mm. Look at all the refinments in ammo it took for the 9mm to start getting into .45 Auto territory. .45 starts out at .45 and stays there in FMJ and gets bigger in hollow point bullets, 9mm only gets to .45 after hitting something if it expands at all. Weight and size count for a lot downrange between 3 and 25 yards.
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