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.44 Special

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I have a .44 Special S&W revolver that has what look to be Stag contoured Ivory grips, a blued action, and a 4" barrel. The gun is likely from the 20'. Any Ideas?

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The 1920s, you mean?

.44 Special is a fun caliber. Not as painful as .44 magnum, but it throws nice big bullets, and will stop an assailant proper quick (with correct placement, of course). Sounds like a good carry piece, but it sounds too nice to sweat all over. Too late to be a triple-lock, but nonetheless...pictures?

Any ideas on...usage? Value? Personally, I'd shoot it. (once it got looked over by a gunsmith, of course.)
I can't post pictures but the material of the grips is too dense to be stag. The serial # is 29657

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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