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Hi guys, Well if you elect to send it back to colt there is no need to run it thru a dealers books since he is the legal owner of it, you may send 2nd day by UPS in which all handguns must (no less than 2nd day delivery) which will save alot.

Now if you return to the factory most likely your 1911 will simply have a barrel swapped out and called in which case you will most likely end up with the same troubles.

What you will want to have done after reading your functioning issues, is have the extractor properly angled and fit, improper fit extractors tend hinder the feeding from the magazine. Also a throat polish on the feed ramp and barrel thus allowing the use of ball ammo and H.P.`s.

And also it sounds as if your locking lugs of the barrel are rough that may explain your difficult cycling. Link should also inspect for proper length and fit.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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