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45 Colt

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Well my son just had to have my Ruger Vaquero so I'm looking again. Any fired the Bisley model? I hear it supposed to be easy on recoil or maybe just more comfortable to hold. Also thinking about going back to the Blackhawk.
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I just had an opportunity to fire a Bisley model and I am very impressed. It looks funny... but, boy does it fit my hand a fire nicely. :D
I agree with Paul on the fit but I didn't think there was any difference in the percieved recoil. Like any other comparison it probably depends on the shooter. I considered one but thought it would look funny in my CAS holster. They should put full length mirrors in the gun department so we can check out how the gun "looks" on us to facilitate buying it.
I'm a little late with this reply, but nevertheless...

I have two .45 Bisleys, one Vaquero and one Accusport, both with 5-1/2" barrels. Both fit my (large) hands well, but the Vaquero feels better balanced; the Accusport seems a little top heavy.

They don't roll in your hand like Blackhawks with XR3-RED (or the 50 year Flattops with the "new" XR-3) grips do. The pinky fits around the grip, not under it.

I personally like the way Bisleys look, even in a CAS holster. YMMV.
For shooters with nerve damage in the hand, that "rising roll" of the Blackhawk is a GOOD thing. At least, it's so in my case.
Shoot safe!
///olde 8) pharte///
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