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454 Casull is a handfull!

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I shoot a 454 Casull occasionally, with full-power loads, and it is a handfull! I can't imagine a 500 with full-house loads! The Hornady factory loads I shoot are a 300 gr. XTP at 1650 fps, and it operates at a very high pressure. This is through a 9 and 1/2 inch Super Redhawk, which is a pretty heavy and beefy revolver. The recoil is very quick...no slow shove here! How does it compare to the recoil of a 500 with magnum loads? What do you guys think about the power and recoil of the 454? I think it will do anything I ever need from a hunting revolver, but I've never fired a 500. The 454 makes me see dots and glitches and stuff when I touch one off, but I can handle it fine...and shoot it accurately. Thoughts? Thanks.
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The short barreled 500 is too much of a handful for me but the 10"(?) barreled model isn't all that bad as it is a good pound heavier than the SRH and is ported. I have the 7.5" SRH and when using the Buffalo Bore 325 gr loads it is about as bad as the .500. The .500 doen't trip my trigger due to its weight as it is approaching rifle weight and is rather awkward for me to carry.
More than I care to shoot!!!!I would recommend the Uncle Mikes shooting gloves whe ntouching off the big boys--Anything over a hot 44 mag. is unpleasant for me to shoot :oops:
I'm looking at buying a .454 later. I don't have a use for it but I'd like to own one. I'm thinking the S&W 460 would be good in case I ever get into handgun hunting.
I have a Super Red Hawk in 454 and I agree it's a handfull with full power loads. I like shooting my Super Red Hawk 480 better.
A bit much for me in my opinion. I figure if I can't kill it with a 44 mag then I ought not be shooting at it with a pistol.

I prefer to shoot .45acp and 9mm more than anything, yeah they're little "wussy" rounds compared to the mighty 454 but they're a lot of fun too.
the .500 made a young kid in my club cry. After we picked him up off the floor! Its eaven pritty strong for me i felt it in my wrists for atleast two days
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