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.45LC Suggestions - FUELBURNS

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On GunBroker at "Buy Now" $685

NIB $585

NIB $589

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Thanks Paul! These three all look better than the .44's except the Model 29. Especially at the lower prices. I think I prefer the shorter underlug for aesthetic reasons.
I am rather fond of the first one! :D
Blued steel and nice furniture is a hard combination to beat. Of these three the first has the best grip IMO. The rubber looks cheap on an otherwise fine gun.
I like rubber grips most of the time. feel more "gripy" and provide some cushion. But good hardwood grips do look classy!!
Thanks Diggers and welcome to the forum. I bought a S&W model 25 that Paul directed me to. I'm just waiting to receive it.
When you become bored with the .45LC, Fuelburns - you will remember me, right? :D
In the unlikely event that I lose interest, yes. You will be the first to know. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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