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500 S&W

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Has any one had the chance to try out one of these yet. I cant find any one I know that has one. :wink: :)
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Rev. said:
Has any one had the chance to try out one of these yet. I cant find any one I know that has one. :wink: :)
I shot one last at Alhmans shooters roundup, it had less recoil than I expected, but it's so big you just about need training wheels on the end of the barrel to hold it up!! :lol: It was fun once, but the new 460 looks like the way to go if you want a Big one, that way you can plink with 45 long colt, and won't go broke buying ammo.
ssnell, how does 500 recoil compare to the 44 mag?
It felt like a stout 240 grain, maybe even a little less, and more of a push, not as much "bite" as a 6" 29. But it is heavy, and had a pretty good recoil reducer on it.
I have to agree with Scott regarding the full size gun, the "snubbie" is another matter. That baby kicks!! I have no real desire to have one of these, the weight of the gun is virtually unmanagable to hold with out a brace and is very awkward in any type of holster.
I went to college near the S&W plant in Springfield, so I've shot most of their line at least once. The snubbie jars the head a bit, but S&W's real monster is the .44 airlite, I'll never shoot that thing again!
I agree with that masshunter,they are brutal.The 500 won't be in my gun safes,I shot one when they first came out,I rented one and bought 5 shells,its not fun and I firmly believe shooting should be fun.I held it firmly and then not so firmly,its "no fun"I love my 44 mags and can hit at long ranges and they are fun!Drop-Shot
i had the chance to shoot 1 of these hand cannons and i was so disapointed in it because i wanted a recoil that would make the gun almost fly outta my hand but all i got was a recoil that wasnt even as hard as a .454 casull but i know the reason it didnt kick as hard was cuz of the compensator so im lookin to shoot a .500 mag with no compensator or any form of recoil reducer :twisted:
:evil: About as practical as a shoulder-fired .50 BMG IMHO.
Not my cuppa tea, but if ya got the $$$ to spare, have fun!
///olde 8) pharte///
Maser they make a short barreled 500 and a 454,the gunsmith that rebarreled my ruger has a customer that should have had the surgery by now,the recoil damaged the sensorey nerves that run along the tendons,tendons are damaged also but can be repaired easier than nerve damage.I haven't heard of this in the long barreled 500.Carefull what you wish for buddy.Drop-Shot
yea iv seen the snubby versions of those hand cannons but they also got compensators on em but hey im not sayin i wanna shoot an uncompensated gun like that all day i jus wanna shoot it once to feel the full power of it cuz not only do i work out alot in pe but i also am pretty recoil hardened so im sure im up to the challenge
lots of kick...you've sold me. Can't wait to purchase one.
I will eventually get one because it's almost a joke to me. Mine's big and shiny!

I think the blackpowder Colt Walker is bigger. A rifle charge in a pistol, enough said.
Fuelburns2 said:
I think the blackpowder Colt Walker is bigger. A rifle charge in a pistol, enough said.
yea but keep in mind thats blackpowder n not smokeless powder n i think the walker gun held like a 40 grain charge so that would be bout the same power as 15 grains of smokeless powder
I'm pretty sure it was a 60 grain charge or larger but I may be wrong. The Walker is the 500's great granddaddy and I would like to get both to compare the two.
I have a .500 in a Magnum Research BFR with a 10" barrel. It's identical to my .45-70 BFR. I like the gun very much and it's very well built. Seeing as it's the only single action avaliable in this caliber the sales of these guns have been brisk. Magnum Research builds a nice gun. Bill T.
u know that looks like a cool gun to attach a stock to the grip an have urself a cute little carbine :D
Bill, I'm sorry - I'm sure they are well built and if I ever find rhinos running around in MI, I'm sure I'll consider a .500 - but, that is about the clunkiest and ugliest single action I've ever seen! I guess I'm too much of a traditionalist to get used to something like that - but, I hope you enjoy the hell out of it! :wink:
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