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629 classic hunter value

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I bought a 629 classic hunter about 20 years ago, fired it about 20 times and put it in my safe. My kids are starting to hunt. I want to find out value so I can get them there own guns. Can anyone help me?
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The Blue Book doesn't list a "Classic Hunter"...

Here's what it says for a 629...

100% $745
98% $615
95% $545
90% $410

add $50 for fully shrouded 5" barrel
add $40 for 8-3/8" barrel
add $50 for scope mount cuts across rib (8-3/8" barrel only)

Blue Book prices are dealer retail.... privzate sales usually go for 80 - 90% of book. There are also regional variations, but the book is a good starting point.
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