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In a .44 Mag, 800X powder would only be suitable for very light "plinker" loads. Its burn rate is way too fast to be used for a serious load. 800X is more useful as a shotshell reloading powder.

The next time you're going to pick up shooting/reloading supplies, pick up a bunch of the free reloading data pamphlets... one from each powder supplier.

I use Unique myself. I shoot/load for many calibers so I try and keep powders to a minimum, variety wise.

For 44 Mag alone I would think that 2400 would be of popular choice.

+1 on picking up the free booklets at most major toy stores.

To add, various Reloading Manuals are a must to have on hand.

Happy Trails
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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