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9MM Shotgun- J.G.Anschuiz [JGA] value & mfg.date

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I have a 9MM Shotgun -single shot bolt action- w/ custom stock in mint original condition--on the barrel J.G.AAnschuiz Germaniawaffenwerk A.G. Zella-Mehlis/Thur.
another part of the barrel symbols- then Cal.9 m/m glatt-bolt has same symbols on it as the barrel-- s/n 468486 tried to upload pics but couldn't
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anshutz moved from zella-mehlis after WWII so we know it's pre war.The 9mm flobert never really caught on here in the states (ww and rem quit loading for it in the 30's) but in europe was loved as a garden gun.Fiocchi still makes ammo for it.The value with an altered stock varies alot I'm guessing $150 -200.
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