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Re: re: A Liberial has seen the light

GunChef said:
A Liberial has seen the light, hmmmm is that the Topic ? If a Liberial sees the light, does that mean they had a awakening to what is just and right? Or does it just mean that Liberial has pulled his head out of his ass, but thier ears are still plugged up with crap. I don't know .... can a Lib really convert 100% without any reservations? I find that hard to concieve, but who I am .... I'm just a opininated conservative christian type believer of our ammendment rights ..... willing to fight and die for them and my country. Anyway if ya seen the light I hope ya eyes stay open long enough to learn something. God bless.
HELL YEA!!!!!!

rosie should be deported :) or eaven better just droped in the ocean to live with the other whales , too bad she would just end up eating them all though :D i still dont belive that their 100% convinced though and what made him or her convert ?
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