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A Must Do

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Your next handgun, new or used, what would be your "must do type thing" other than cleaning, sighting in?
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I'm assuming you mean modifications? My last (Ruger SP101) may get a trigger job and I'm considering polishing the entire gun. The one I should get any day now (S&W 13) will likely be perfect as is. I've never met a S&W that didn't have a great trigger. Oh, I may get some replacement grips either exotic wood or ivory if I can afford it.
On my next Ruger BlackHawk...have the cylinder throats checked and reamed as needed, check cylinder pin to see if it's undersized and possibly smooth trigger.

First on my list of "Must Dos" for any gun is to shoot several hundred rounds out of the gun. I don't equate this to sighting in as I generally don't even touch the sights unless they are off by a major amount. Much of this shooting is at "things" rather than targets; favorites are stumps, dirt clods, cans (picked up afterwards of course), and other items. This is to ensure functioning and reliability. I would not like to spend a couple hundred dollars in add ons only to find I bought a pig in a poke. This also allows me to evaluate what needs to be done first rather than what I want to do first. They are not always the same. I might buy a set of grips if I really did not like the provided ones but normally would suffer with the original. Second would to get a decent holster appropriate for the gun's use. I have a couple "one size fits all" holsters to get me through the first stage but any keeper gets at least one good, fitted holster. For an auto the next step is usually a couple extra magazines unless I had at least three for it. After that would be whatever's on the list I came up with above.
On used guns I'll run a box or so through the gun to check initial functioning and then replace recoil springs, mag springs, and such if it is an auto. This is because weak springs can cause many malfunctions that disguise real problems or make a gem sem a hunk of coal. After that it is the same procedure as above.
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Clean it yes - but inspect it carefully ( semi-auto strip it down - take out firing pin, take stocks off, etc ) and just go thru it ( new or used, doesn't matter ).

On a revolver - check the timing and make sure it won't fire by smacking the back of the hammer ( to see if someone has been fussing with the trigger ). Again, take the stocks off - clean it up real good.

I will often look at changing the stocks on a revolver / sometimes on a semi-auto.

Then put 3 or 4 boxes thru them.

I'm always looking for something ..... I'm currently looking for another Mod 27 S&W .357 mag revolver and may settle for a 627. I'd like to add a model K22 S&W revolver .22LR to my collection / and a good quality semi auto .22LR maybe a model 41 S&W or a good Hammerli competition gun. Always got my eyes open for another Wilson Combat .45 ( sometimes the hunt is more fun than actually having the gun ..).
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Here's some of the things I did: I replaced the grips on our Colt Det. Spec. shooting it the gun would roll in the hand when using +p ammo. This is used for defense, changed to rubber & problem solved. S&W model 17 .22, had a red insert added to the front site & a white outline on the rear site , now this really helped. It came with target trigger & hammer. This work helped me with the sight picture, now years later I'm older & the sight picture is... dang eye sight. Had some problems with a Colt Goldcup, kept shooting the front sight loose/off & the rear pin that holds the rear sight on kept breaking. Replaced the front sight with a red insert Millet double stake front site & replaced the pin that holds the rear sight with a roll pin, problem solved. This was the best fix to the problem, I had it repaired several times under Colts warranty. Now that my eye sight has changed due to age, I'm looking at some other must do things. I've placed a redot on one of my S&W .22's & really like it, years ago I put a 2 1/2 power scope on my S&W model 41 for squirrel hunting, now I have to use a shooting stick due to shaking. Does the must do ever end?
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As long as there is a "Honey do..." list there will always be a must do list. The former will never give you enough time and certainly not enough money to do the latter. To the single guys out there... DON"T GET MARRIED!!!! Women will suck the extra money out of you in the worst way and they are sneaky about it. Even if she makes more than you, she will find places for your money you never knew existed and hers will go "towards the future". Trust me on this. :lol:
Damn Ugly, that's pretty bleak. Well, I've got a different take. I can't afford to buy many firearms with a family, but I wouldn't trade her for all the guns of the members of this forum (and I suspect that UD, feels pretty much the same way) :wink:
TMats, I have to agree with you; after all I taught her to shoot and bought her her own guns. Now if I could only get her to give me a set of keys to her gun safe...
I do value my wife, I was married briefly before loosing my first wife and went way too many years before finding my current one. In betweem were many fun years but also kind of empty. I have no fear my earlier words will be ones to live by, when the "Love Bug" strikes, all reasoning goes out the window. I almost didn't go pheasant hunting that first fall I met my current wife but a young pup helped me to my senses.
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