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A Post for Wisconsin Shooters

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Dear fellow gun owner:

Our scheduled March 12th fund-raising submachine gun shoot has received a
lot of attention. Unfortunately, not all of that attention has been good.

The potential--and I must emphasize the word "potential"--for our opponents
to turn this into an ugly situation has become apparent to me.

While subgun shoots take place all the time, this was first and foremost a
political event. As such, we are held to a higher standard.

My intention in organizing the shoot was to let you come and shoot some
expensive and exotic guns and have a good time, and not to get you involved
in a potentially sticky situation.

Perhaps I'm being overly cautious, but I hope you'll understand that I'm
doing so with you in mind.

Therefore, I've decided to cancel the shoot.

If you have already mailed a check to the WCCM for the event, I will return
your check to you uncashed.

Because this event has received such wide publicity, I would appreciate it
if you would forward this email to everyone you know, and also post it on
every internet gun-related site you're aware of. Some people had planned on
driving great distances, and I want to make sure they're aware of the

I'm sure that this is a disappointment for many of you, and I sincerely
apologize. I hope you'll understand and appreciate my intentions and my

Dick Baker
Treasurer, WCCA, WCCM
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The above pertains to a fund raiser for Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association. It was a scheduled sub-gun shoot at The Shooters Shop in Milwaukee. It sounded like alot of fun.
Why the cold feet? Certainly they must have known it would draw attention - it has in every other state I've ever seen one. Something sounds amiss, here. :?
Good question!!!

Well this event has drawn some political attention because we just had a failing vote in Wisconsin Assembly to over ride a governors veto of concealed carry. Now the Idea of concealed carry has become scrutinzed by the Democratic party and the executive office in WI. This is where it gets REAL TACKY......

So, I guess the laws about machine guns are something like this in the state of WI. You are required to have a permit to keep and shoot a machine gun per the federal rules and regs. SO it would seem that many people have been shooting their friends guns and having a good time and attending machine gun shoots on a regular basis to shoot some novel guns for fun. Now it seems that this practice has come under scrutiny by lawyers claiming that anyone that shoots a machine gun in any case that doesnt have a permit for the particular gun being shot is commiting a felony.

This is very important because we must catch these felons who shoot their friend's machine guns because they dont live in a county that will allow them but their friend is rich and can afford one and lives in a county where it is allowed. Or the non-profit organizations that are funding a lobbying effort to enact a law that the citizens have recently voted for on a referendum. Or the shooting organizaions that promote their efforts in a fanciful way that has never hurt anyone before and has been doing this exact thing for 20 yrs.

I havent heard of this practice until now but I will make sure I will find thesee bastards and turn their asses in as soon as I find them.
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TheRedScare said:
You are required to have a permit to keep and shoot a machine gun per the federal rules and regs.
Shooting and keeping are two seperate activities. While you almost certainly need a permit to keep you should not need a permit to shoot unless you are also keeping. The key word I picked up on was and.
In all honesty I dont know the rules in the state of WI. I dont own a machine gun. I do think they are neat to shoot and i think this is some new interpretation of the laws. Every one has gotten Really senstitive around here about machine guns and I really dont understand it. I posted the about letter because it was requested by the Wisconsin Concealed carry association. At the meeting of the club I attend there was some talk about the laws governing machine guns and that was the rumor.
I don't know the laws in WI either, but one word can change everything when it comes to law. It's a shame the anti's can't be anti-crime and leave those of us who make every attempt to lawfully own our guns alone. They irk me. :evil:
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