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I have a few questions, as the title says, and I'd like to thank everybody in advance for putting up with some of my questions, this is my first pistol I've ever purchased. I picked up a Springfield 1911 Loaded in stainless and I couldn't be happier.

There are a few areas that weren't really addressed in the owner's manual and I wanted to come to some individuals with some experience. Like I said before, this is my first pistol, I've always bought and shot shotguns, so my knowledge is pretty limited on the handgun side of things. When it comes to the slide, should I use anything other than a RemOil-type lubricant for that or any other moving part for that matter? A dry graphite maybe? I have a high-temp choke-tube lube for my chokes and the hinges on my O/Us, but I have no idea if I should use that, if anything. Any help on type and where and how much would be GREATLY appreciated.

And the other question that I can think of is how the hell do you get the barrel bushing off? It says in the owner's manual that you remove the guide rod and then push the slide back and depress the guide spring with my thumb so you can turn the barrel bushing. It's freakin' tight and it feels like I'll push that right through to the bone on my thumb. I didn't want to get any tool or a quarter or something to use without at least talking to someone that may have a bit of experience with this. Maybe I'm just not holding my mouth right, but any insight/advice would be great.

Thanks in advance!
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