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I just got a 38 revolver from my grandfather. The story behind it was he bought it from an older couple in Texas in the early 60's. They were retiring and moving away. The pistol supposedly belonged to her father who was a Texas Ranger. Dont know if its true but its a good story. I would like to find out how old this revolver is.

On top of the barrel it has Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass Patented oct 8 01, dec 17 01, feb 6 06, sept 14 09, dec 29 14

Serial number on bottom of grip 310810

When you open the cylinder it looks like a 4821 stamed on the cylinder carrier.

On the side of the gun it has 38 S&W Special CTG.

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A few questions;
Length of the barrel, measured from end to end with cylinder open.
Fixed or adjustable sights.
Round or square butt.
Blue or nickel finish.
Factory grips. May have SN penciled on inside.
Any letters in front of the SN (on the butt.) (Probably too old)
(Number inside cylinder area is an assembly number, of no use in establishing the date.)
General condition of finish, working condition.

From what you state here, a WAG would be a Model of 1905 Hand Ejector revolver if it has fixed sights.
It is chambered for the .38 Special Cartridge, standard velocity loads ONLY - it is probably made in the 1920's.

S&W will send you a letter with the date it was sold and any other information they may posess on it for a charge of $30 (a bargain). If you have the factory box, or an old holster, etc, keep all that with the gun. IT is a great old revolver, and worth learning a little about it. Keep it clean of finger prints to avoid rust, take it out and shoot it.
Try this link for general information on your classic Smith.

Enjoy it.


Really like to see a pic if you can do it.
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