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I just received an AGI Ruger single Action dvd ,one of Midways monthly $30. sale deals.
Sort of a disapointment. I have owned Ruger handguns for at
least 42 years . Now the dvd was telling me the history of Sturm Ruger The start , the guns, Bills two autos that he built and
a boat. This went on for over 20 minutes of the two hour dvd.
Secondly, the instructor on the vidio seemed to be very ill at ease on camera. When he did get down to disassemble and assemble his fingers or thumb was in the way half of the time so that you could not see the small parts .Then he proceded to mention Mossburg and Remignton a few times. All in all he did cover most of the single actions of Ruger but it was not what I had expected. Not sure if I would buy an other on at any price.
The rugerforum.com has more good info on Ruger guns. I have an old J. Kuhnhausen book and VCR tape on S&W. This seem to be the top of how to do books on Guns. Maybe after watching the dvd a few more times I might be able to figure out how it done. :roll:
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