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Ammo Recommendations/Para Warthog Questions

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I recently purchased a 2007 Para Warthog, which Para claims to be the world's smallest .45, 1911 style, 10+1 in the world.
I am searching for tips from other Warthog owner's i.e. Home defense ammo recommendations (my home has cement walls), as well as concealed/carry ammo of choice.
What type of outdoor practice ammo should I use? Cost is a factor, and I am shooting at an outdoor range.
Does anyone know the Warthog history/original release date?

Also, could I get some recommended cleaning tips (oil/kit choice) and how to correctly clean the bore? thanks
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The short barreled 1911s are known to be rather finicky on ammo so one must shoot a lot of it with out problems (at least a couple hundred rounds) before it can be trusted. I had a Springfield Ultra Carry which was their version of Para's P-12. It digested most everything 185 grs and over without a hitch though the Speer 200 gr hollow point had problems at first. Another problem with the short barrels is the lower muzzle velocity can have a negative effect on a bullet expanding as planned. This can be overcome by using a lighter bullet (but may have feeding issues) or go with a more reliable heavy bullet that may not open. My carry ammo was Remington 230 gr Golden Sabers as they never jammed and I was satisfied with their performance when called on to put down injured deer. The Hornady XTP was also reliable but I found a great deal on the Remington so ultimately went with them. The greatest problem I found with the ultra compact 1911s is that they need to be cleaned regularly for most reliable operation. I did nothing special in cleaning, a brush with solvent followed by a jag with patches is all that is needed. I use Break-Free CLP as my lubricant as I feel its combination of lubricant and cleaner allows for fewer problems. Others have their preferences which work well for them. I guess it is something one must find on their own.
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I carry a 3" Para Carry LDA. It is a single stack and I haven't tried every thing but it eats everything I have tried. My carry ammo is Federal EFMJs in 200 gr. It expands reliably in everything I checked it in feeds well and is accurate.

Whatever you choose for defensive ammo shoot plenty of to make sure it's reliable. Two things a defese gun must do - fire when it's suppose to and not fire when it's not suppose to.
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