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I think I may have just bought a .22WMR AMT with a 6" barrel - in like new condition. If I told you the price, you would cry! Oh, hell... I will be paying $225 to an estate. :wink:

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Yes... and this one is going as a straight up trade on my Tracker .45LC. It's the Bersa Thunder .45ACP. All in the same evening... I lucked out!!! :D

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Congratulations on a great deal! The AMT is especially interesting. We'll need a range report of course. :wink:
I never fall into the good deals :oops: :oops: :evil: just the sh12!!!!! :roll:
I assume the light rust is just a surface dusting? Puts me in mind of the old AMT Hardballer; jeez I wanted one of those and never did get it done.
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