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Any familiar with C.O.P.?

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I've not seen one of these before tonight... anyone familiar with them? It looked reasonably well made...
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Sorry, I can't help you as the only C.O.P. acronym I'm familiar with is the Canadian Olympic Park in Calgary. A little more help and maybe something will jog the memory.
Bunnyman-- that's the one. I found the wiki page you linked last night, but I can't find out much else about them...

Anyone own one? Care to give a quick review?
This is the 4 barreled "derringer" that weighed as much as a compact 1911 and was wider than a 6 shot revolver? I saw one at a conference and was impressed with the design but not with much else. It was heavy, the trigger pull gritty, and the shape was not conducive to being carried as the barrels were so wide and thick. I did not have the chance to fire it but the little I heard it was a handful and not very accurate. Coming from fellow officers that last statement is not very telling but if they think a first generation S&W 69 is "accurate" I can only imagine what they think of as being "inaccurate."
Thanks Uglydog... it's just so *unusual*...
Get it if the price is right and you're a Blade Runner fan. :D
Collector piece for sure. Carry piece, probably not. I'd buy one at the right price.
What do you think is a fair price? The only one I've found online is $700... I can do quite a bit better than that on this one.

I'd say it's in 95%+... it's been used a bit, but not carried.

Never seen Blade Runner before...
Without meaning to sound snide, a used gun is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. You just have to decide if you really want it. You have done more research and are more aware of the current going prices than I am. I would think this gun will increase in value as a collector piece. But my judgment throughout history has been proven to be flawed.
FWIW, the COP .357 Derringer is listed for $350 @100%, $325 @98% and $285 @ 95% in the '07 Blue Book and the weight is shown to be 28oz.
If you want one bad enough to spend a few hundred dollars on a piece that will stay in the drawer, this is a good candidate.
The COP was a heavy gun, a bitch to shoot, inacurate and with very heavy trigger. It was sold as a police backup /hideout weapon, but there were a lot of better choices and it did not sell well. My 1983 Gun Digest lists the COP in .357 Magnum as being 5.5" long, 1" wide, 4.1" high, 28 oz. weight, list price "about $250".

IMO, anyone paying $700 for one should seek psychiatric help.

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