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Any thompson/center hunters?

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Any thompson/center hunter here? I have always been intrigued with these pistols.

What is the recoil like shooting a .45/.70? Do you make a weak load so you don't break your wrists?
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I've also consistently debated purchasing one over the years and would like to hear some user feed back. How is the .270 accuracy and recoil?
BTW, I enjoy your avatar RedRyder.
Shooting at a range when I noticed a gent shooting a T/C in (I think) 30-30. Got to chatting and he said he had a bbl in 45-70 for that thing, but he'd sent it off to be ported... too MUCH pain... and he was no midget.
///olde 8) pharte///
El Padrino said:
I've also consistently debated purchasing one over the years and would like to hear some user feed back. How is the .270 accuracy and recoil?
BTW, I enjoy your avatar RedRyder.
Thank you for the compilment Padrino! :D I like your quote. I like the Thompson repro's, I like cigars, and I like the picture.

Hopefully I will get my Thompson/Center in .30-.30 and parctice with it and be able to hunt with it by this deer season.
I have one in 44 mag. I have a Pachmyer grip on it. It's fairly plesant to shoot until you get up into the real stout loads. I can't imagine a 45-70. Ouch!
A buddy of mine has a Contender in the 45-70. Yeah it's a HANDFULL! I won't shoot it. He has the old style grips on it that are made for a rightie. Another of our buddies decided that he'd shoot it lefty. Stupid mistake. We were watching the target and not him,when the gun went off. He squalled and dropped the gun on the bench. He had split the web between his thumb and pointy finger! Took some time for that to heal!

The owner of this gun has HUGE hands and forearms. He has had this gun for quite sometime and has killed lots of paper with it over the years. He has some play loads that he says "ain't all that bad to shoot". He also has some full house loads that even he won't shoot more than 3-5 at one sitting.

I have one in 44 mag with a PM grip and 10" barrel also. It's not bad to shoot until you get to the full power loads. Even with a glove, I can't do more than 15 or so rounds. 4570 - I don't think so! :cry:
I see that this is a pretty old thread but I'll add my $.02.
I've got a T/C Contender in .44mag. I love it. I shoot 300 grain Hornady XTPs loaded by a small company. I managed a 3/4" group (3 shot) at 75 paces getting ready for deer season last fall. The recoil is pretty stiff, but nothing painful. I think a 45/70 would be too much for me. A .44mag placed properly will kill any deer I'm likely to come across.
I did kill a deer with it last fall(a doe).
I'm planning on getting a .45/.410 bbl for snakes and such.
I'm actually considering getting one of these for deer hunting here in MN. I'd like to find some more information about them, and possibly even test-shoot one before I look to buy.
I have a Contender Hunter that Thompson came out with in the '90s. It is chambered in 35 Rem. , 14'' barrel which is Magna Ported, and has a T/C scope that you can light the cross hairs up for low light conditions. Came with a custom octagon 45 Colt barrel that I also am going to use for hunting.
Soon to be a TC hunter here. 8) 8PointDuck, How is the recoil on that 35?..... I just found a good deal on an Encore in .308. What do you guys think? Borderline punishment or what? I'm buying it because it's priced real nice, and even if I end up not liking the .308 I'll just trade it off for something else a little more manageable, and get an H&R rifle in .308. I like the .308, I just don't know about shooting it out of a handgun? Can't wait to take this baby home though......I've been trying to decide between one of these and a Savage Striker for a long time but I never see the Strikers anywhere and even if the gunshops know what I'm asking about, they can't seem to help much in locating one. Do they even exist anymore? :?
Shot my hunter for the first time last Monday.It is sweet :D . Very accurate with its t/c scope.Look out deer
So cg, what did you think of the .308 on the contender?
I think I need more barrels man! :p It's not bad at all really. Less recoil than was expected. Even with the 180's. I don't like the walnut grip though. Looks great, but is just too fat up top for my liking. I thought of sanding it out a bit, but this gun will see it's share of bad weather so I'm just going with the rubber grips. Any recommendations for a scope? I'm also on the hunt for a carry rig for it. So far all I've found is the T/C holster in their catalog and uncle Mike's. Any other's out there you guys care to share? This one's a keeper. :wink:
8pointduck, Did you get the illuminated scope?
I put a 2x6 on mine and wish that I'd have bought the 4x. Once my scope gets beyond 4x,I have a hard tme getting my eye relief correct. I'm dealing with it but I leave on 2 ,3 or 4.

Contenders are loud. I HAD a Contender in 222. Just had to have it to match my Rem 222 rifle. It didnt take too many shots to realize that I need plugs under my muffs.I think the recoil problem is easy to solve. Its called RIFLE. :lol:
I hear what you're saying claybird. But I've got my reasons for my madness. With a bit of back trouble and arthritis, it's easier to manage all my other gear, and game taken, with a handgun. And it's also easier to twist and shoot from a wider range of positions for me from a tree stand or blind, with a handgun. And most importantly, I live in a shotgun/handgun only zone. I couldn't use a rifle here if I wanted to. I save that for trips up north, which don't come so easily lately. For guys like me these guns are a gift of joy............Thanks HWD. I'll keep that in mind.
I have a TC in .45/.410 ga. this allows me to hunt birds on logging roads from my truck windows (handicapped) fairly easily. I gotta tell you that that firing the 410 shells makes my hand hurt exactly like it did on a 'bad hit' w/ a baseball bat....you know the feeling of your hand stinging like a son of a gun??? I'll admit to using a heavy or full load Federal .410 shell but the results are worth it.
I've often thought about getting barrels in various small & big game cartridges but never have, a .22/250 woodchucker being a favorite idea for fun gunning. I imagine a shell like the .45/70 would be a wrist buster though for sure....
I hunt and shoot TC's. I have a 44 with 14 inch barrel. It is all anyone really needs. I do not want to shoot a 45-70. I also hunt with a Marlin Guide Gun in 45-70. I load my own with a 300 gr Sierra and 4198 powder to 2,100 fts. That will rock your world. It would break your hand.
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