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Anyone offer some guidance?

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I received a RCBS Partner press kit for my birthday. I'm wanting to reload for my .41 mag. I've read several manuals and info from powder websites.
I'm going to use Hornady 210 gr. XTPs. I'm leaning toward Accurate No. 7 powder and CCI 300 primers. I don't plan to load to max yet.
Anybody care to comment about this selection? Anybody offer any advice? I've already bought the Hornady bullets, waiting to purchase the rest after more research.
Thanks for any comments.
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I don't have any load data for a 210gr bullet - the book I have handy today has specs for a 220 gr mSPR JSP

CCI large pistol primers are my choice as well - but personally I like Hodgdon Titegroup for a powder on all of my pistol loads. Max on Titegroup for this load is 7.3gr so min is about 6.4gr I'd probably start at about 6.6gr and go up a little depending on how they shoot / feel but I don't think I'd load them over 7.0 gr ( with this combination ).

I don't load too many .41 mag ( as compared to .357 mag or .44 mag ) but I think Titegroup is a pretty clean powder and seems to perform well clear down to a 9mm and up thru the .44 mag Good luck - and have some fun with the new press.
I sometimes refer to a free sight called Steves reloading pages. if i remember you can get to it from Free reloading data. or try the above heading.
Like with any of this kinda info i would suggest working your way up slowly as to the powder charges given.
I had good results with them, but i never went max with the powder chargers.
I do remember his data was for the use of the CCi primers that you were looking for.
Hope you have good luck in this matter. Jack.
Re: re: Anyone offer some guidance?

jack62 said:
I sometimes refer to a free sight called Steves reloading pages. if i remember you can get to it from Free reloading data. or try the above heading.
Steve's Pages are a great source of information of all kinds.


but can be a little tricky to navigate. This next link is direct to the first page of his reloading data. (Sometimes his loads are a bit on the overwarm side).


I used AA7 for a while before switching to Titegroup. You'll use quite a bit more AA7 for most applications, so that pound of powder disappears rather quickly. This is in addition to the higher sticker price. AA7 *is* good in that with a high-volume load it's easy to spot double loads and squib loads on the tray. But then a good eye (and a flashlight, if your lighting isn't direct down) solves that problem too.
Go with cast bullets and save yourself some green :wink:
I have a nice load for my 657 S&W.
Using the 210 XTP in RP cases over a 19.0gr charge of 2400.
It shoots a very tight shot group. The only draw back is 2400 is not the cleanest powder out there.

Whats the worst that will happen? you will end up getting to shoot a lot of different combos on some nice sunny afternoon !!
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