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Anyone Seen a Barracuda?

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Just thought I'd ask if anyone has ever seen a Browning barracuda 357 revolver. Apparently they were made a couple years back, but never Marketed in US, since S&W and Colt dominated the market here.

I think they are basically Maurhin Revlovers which also rare here, are supposed to be top notch. I've never seen one listed for sale on line, US or otherwise.. Was wondering what kind of hell it would be to import one if it was worth it? More of hypothetical, but sooner or later I hope to fill my collection out to the point were hypotheticals are realistic.. :D
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Hope this helps some:

FN Barracuda (Fabrique Nationale) was a revolver which came with two cylinders - one in .357 and the other in 9mm.

There's a picture located here... but it cannot be copied.


There are four for sale at GunBroker. Search FN Barracuda under revolvers. They are priced at about the same as a comp. S&W.

and this is what they look like:

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Huh? What did I say wrong????? :?
Apparently I asked the question at the right time! Someone has found some new old stock and is importing them very recently.. I have one on order, and will try to post my impressions and hopefully a range report in the near future.

Thanks for the link paul, I had been searching Browning barracuda when I was looking sporatically. Sometimes the GB search and organization confounds me..

Interesting piece. A S&W knock-off in shape and size. I am anxious for a report. :wink:
Finally got my Barracuda in! Picked it up at the range thursday and ran a box of fifty through. Mostly under 10yds, and it did nicely. I will have to admit that I am kinda slow to warm up on a gun so I expect to do better in the future. I will say that it does shoot bettter than my taurus 357 which is very comperable with a 3" barrel and about the same weight.

on weight, I'd say it's a little on the heavy side for a carry gun.

fit and finish are nice grips come to metal better than almost any smith I've seen. Iwould'nt call it a smith knock off. the trigger is kinda different than the DA/SA I've shot. The double is smooth, but as you get to the break, the triger seems to lighten. not much, but just enough to notice. SA is good quality for a service gun, but not target level. (this is a 3" service gun.

The nicest thing is the take down. Push the button and the crane and cylinder slide forward. Hands down the easiest revolver I've ever cleaned. This feature alone makes me glad to have bought the gun.

Detractors are few at this stage. first the importer didn't get the 9mm cylinder. There was no manual. There is slight frecking at the barrel and frame juction one one side of mine, but not bad, didn't show in pictures. For a 20year old gun, I wasn't torn up over it.

FN stamped the serial number on two sides of the cylinder, which kinda looks funny. Guess they didn't want you to take the cylinder off and accidently put it on another gun! Also it is marked by the importer on the left side of the frame.

over all I'm happy and glad to own it. Might have to get another one for the wife... she is kinda eyeing it..
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Couple of Notes on my above post... When I said comperable to my taurus, I meant in size and configuration, not quality. The fit, finish and lockwork on The FN are definatly superior.

On More distractor to note. Mine has a slight rattle when you shke the gun from side to side, not as bad as my taurus, but you notice it quite readily.
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