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April purchases - Any Thoughts?

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I'm saving money for my 21st birthday now and by then I should have over $1600 of spending money. It also helps to have a FFL in the family. :wink: I'd have more but I bought a gun safe last saturdy. 8) I think I'll get:

Walther PPK .380 - I appreciate the history and style/maybe concealed carry later/ I can retire my Llama to paperweight status :roll:
IMI Baby Eagle - for 9mm fun
S&W Model 460 - mostly for .454 and .45LC shooting/am I compensating for something?

On the backburner:
Colt Anaconda - Just awesome
S&W Model 10 - After shooting Semiauto's I must have one of my own/they have a sweet trigger in double action
German manufacture P-08 Luger - I'll never man-up and spend the money
1911 - a must for any collection
Korth .357mag - for when the heavens open and money rains down on me

Comments or suggestions? I still have time to reconsider.
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Toss in a good target grade .22 too-they are a blast.The Ruger or Sig Trailside would be a good place to start :wink:
SA 1911A1 MilSpec and a Ruger Single Six (both cyl) and have lots of money left over to buy ammo and holsters and lunch... :wink:
Hoashooter, I already have a Ruger MK II. Not quite target grade but sufficient for my purposes. :p

A 1911 is a future purchase without question. I'm putting that one off a bit because there are so many varieties to choose from. I'd be alright with a used 1911 too but I really like the SA Milspec.
So much for having $1600. I'm in the process of buying an A.H. Fox "A" Grade 12 gauge SxS. There goes half of my handgun money, but at least I think I'm getting a great price on it. 8)
So far I've bought a Model 67 so I don't need a Model 10. I have a Baby Desert Eagle too. I've lost interest in the S&W .460 and don't need a PPK until I get my CCW.

I have $1750 cash onhand: what should I look for?
A pistol I have always wanted... a Schofield in .45LC. It's a great gun and one I KNOW you don't have, right? Gotta have a top-break in your collection. Besides, that will leave lots of $$$ for ammo! :D

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A good choice but the repros are too expensive and I doubt I'll find a nice Schofield locally. I think I can get at least three good guns for my money, more if I get into my checking account. Maybe I'll find a Webley in Midland this Saturday.

I may start looking at a 1911 soon but one gun I've wanted for some time is a .44 mag. I have too many pistols anyway, I need more revolvers. :wink:

Where is that particular Schofield and how much?
That is a S&W Custom Shop Schofield and it's for sale at $1300. It's for sale on the S&W Forum Classified board. He also has an Uberti at $750, I believe.
I know Beretta has a top break that looks similar in .38 special at Gander Mtn for about $850 used. I may be able to find something similar to the S&W, Uberti or Beretta for less this weekend but I don't really want to spend that much money on one gun until I have a few more.
I couldn't afford to feed it regularly enough. Very nice though. I did see one at a local gunshow but the $1500+ price tag was a bit much for me. I consider the .50AE to be more of a gimmick than anything.
Agreed. :D

I'm going to the largest gun show in Michigan tomorrow. I'll primarily be looking for older or harder to find handguns since I don't need another shotgun or a new gun that I could buy elsewhere right now. I will add a 1911 to my collection in good time. I need to do a little research into how much I am willing to pay and exactly what I want in a 1911. I'm leaning towards a Springfield since they are so heavily recommended on the forum.
I realize this is pistolworld but perhaps it's time to diversify. While you're at the gun show check out an M-1 Garand. Rifles can be cool too. Let me suggest you feel the burn of that dough in your pocket for a while and not get too impulsive. For a 21 year old you seem to have a few firearms to keep you busy. If you're at the point of spending big bucks instead of buying the work horses or plinkers then settle back, research and go for the gun you'll prize until you're old and grey.
The money I've been spending isn't my income but rather my tax refund and birthday money. Trust me, I'm about to slow down and start saving again.

NG, About six months ago I passed up on a M-1 Garand in great condition for $600 because I didn't have the money. :cry: The owner sold it after a few weeks and I doubt I'll ever see that condition for that price again. Rifles and handguns are both cool but for the most part I'm still a shotgun guy. I just have enough of those for quite some time so I'm looking at revolvers.

The gunshow was yesterday and there was only one M-1 Garand. It was the D-Day commerative with a wood case for over $1000. I would prefer an arsenal rebuild for less. I did however buy a S&W model 629. I have a pic in the S&W forum. Now it's time to slow down. My funds are rapidly dwindling. :(
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