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Aquiring Revolvers

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Over the last 12 months, I have aquired an affection for revolvers. I bought my first 2" snubby in 38 special for my wife a few years ago. Since then, I have picked up a few single action & double action revolvers. I have never had a jam or failure, unlike a couple semi-autos I have. In my opinion, a revolver is an excellent choice for personal defense because of the low failure rate. Am working on a project now: A Ruger Blackhawk in 45 Long Colt 7 1/2" barrel. It came to me with a great trigger & hammer job. and with a vent rib by Polychoke. I have never seen anything like it. I am removing the aluminum Blackhawk frame & installing a Steel Super Blackhawk grip frame with dragoon style squared trigger guard. Will post pics when I am done.
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Another convert! Once you go round, you never go back. When I got my GP100 a couple of years ago, I was hooked. Now I've got a pistol cabinet full of sixguns, and I got rid of several autos.
Despite the current rage revolvers are from from extinct :wink:
The classic revolver, subject only to bans on handguns. The Assault Weapons Ban couldn't even touch the largest of these wheel guns.

I love your signature!! That is me this year.
I have bought 11 guns this year, and I need to stop, but I can't!!

In a way I wish I had bought 11 guns this year. Maybe then I'd still have some money. :wink:

Then again, money comes and goes but a gun you could keep forever. Right?
I'm a rabid 1911 advocate and user. In the past year, I have bought only revolvers. What's happening to me? :?
I've got an even dozen wheelies. I still am looking to pick up a nice shooter grade Colt 6" 38 or 357. Considering an officers match grade as a possibility. I really like my Model 14 S&W and am looking to get It's colt cousin. Think I will have to wait untill next year, due to cash flow. I have way over spent my gun budget this year.

Our Blackhawk don't reload very fast ,but if ya hit what you're aiming at the first time,ya don't need to worry about reloading! Heck folks have been using them for self defense for about 150 years now!

While I like some autos,the 1911 in particular, I'll just stay away from the "spray-a-matics". Give me a wheel gun anyday!!!

I have 3 Ruger Wheel guns-

Blackhawk 357/9mm convert. 6 1/2" barrel
Blackhawk 45 Colt 7 1/2" barrel
Super Blackhawk 44 Mag - 7 1/2" barrel.

Am looking to get a 22 Single Six one of these days.

I have never heard the term "spray-a matic"
Very funny!! :lol:
Nice to see so many folks who have "Seen the light."

It's kind of funny how so many newcomers always want some DA or DAO autoloader..... then they progress to the 1911, and they finally (as they become smarter, I like to think) end up as Revolver lovers.

You can't help but appreciate the simplicity of operation and the inherent "pointability" of most wheelguns. Also, the real monster calibers like the .454 Casull, .480 Ruger, .475 Linebaugh, .500 S&W, and so forth, are only available in a wheelgun.
Wife said, OH NO not an other one! Went to small gun show sunday. spotted one I passed up on last spring. A Ruger Single Six stainless ,6 1/2 barrel in 22LR/22 Mag. convertable.New.. Price tag appeared to be a couple of years old and I think also the price. Any way $329.+tax sounded too good to pass up this time. So I had to put an other hook on the cabinet door to put it in its proper place along with a few others.
I'm a S&W wheel gun fan - and a 1911 fan - and I think you have to appreciate them both for what they are. But I can't do without either one of them ( in a variety of calibers, etc ).
Re: re: Aquiring Revolvers

wwb said:
It's kind of funny how so many newcomers always want some DA or DAO autoloader..... then they progress to the 1911, and they finally (as they become smarter, I like to think) end up as Revolver lovers.
I'd say that's a fairly accurate assessment. I started out with a Beretta, mostly from connections of military influence. Eventually, I hit the 1911 and revolver thing at about the same time. Now, the 1911 is the ONLY auto I have in my cabinet (okay, there's two of 'em in there), and the rest is sixguns. As much as I love my revolvers, the 1911s will be staying.

I think the reason behind that somewhat natural evolution has to do with TV (what doesn't?). The various DA autos are what most people are exposed to the most in the movies and on TV, probably because so many service pistols fall into this catagory. I'm sure gun store owners love to point newbs into this type of gun on a regular basis, as well. Then, once they get to a certain point, they start noticing how widespread and highly revered "that 1911 pistol" is. They try one out, and find out pretty quick how a trigger SHOULD feel, and what it does to the shotgun patterns they had been putting up previously. They also begin to see why "shootability" is such an important factor, since they have 7 shots instead of 15, and after buying their 3rd or 4th 1911, they have most likely heard that a revolver has a good trigger and is pretty accurate, so they try one out. Hook, line, and sinker. It all goes downhill from there :wink: . There's a reason the wheel was such an important invention in the history of mankind. IT WORKS!
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Wired - I think you've noticed some of the same things I have among the young guys ( they do like the DA semi autos ) especially the Glocks. The gun store I frequent sells a lot of them - maybe 6 to 1 over 1911's and a good 4 to 1 over something like the SIGs. I think it has a lot to do with what they see on TV and in the movies - and the DA semiautos and the poly frames are what they see.

One of my sons is 30 - and he kind of falls into that category. We were at the range - and he was shooting all of my 1911's ( Wilson Combat, Les Baer, etc ) and all of my revolvers - all older S&W's ( mod 27, mod 27, etc ) ....and even a SIG X-Five in a .40 that I have (all very nice guns, in my opinion ). But he still wanted to go out to the rental case and get some of the Glocks, H&K's, SIG's etc ..... and when I asked him at dinner what he liked best .... he liked the SIG 226 DAK .... the best (thank god he didn't like the Glocks .... but if he had, it would have been his mother's fault ... ). I was dumbfounded .... but he was honest. He just thinks the 1911's are kind of "old school" like me ..... and he likes the old S&W revolvers but he thinks the double action, double stack semi-autos are just "cooler" to shoot. I think the SIG 226 stainless is a very good gun - I'm not in love with the DAK trigger on the DAK models - but it's just a sign of the times.
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Nothing wrong with wanting to try out a variety of different style guns, that way you can decide what fits you best.

I find that everybody has a hand designed a little different from the next person, allowing them to grip and hold something in a different manner and find something more comfortable then another might.

Revolver or semi-auto, whatever fits your hands, operates within your range of acceptability and the recoil is workable, then it's what will serve you well.
Re: re: Aquiring Revolvers

BigDog said:
He just thinks the 1911's are kind of "old school" like me ......
There's no school like the old school 8) . Of course, there are a lot of kids out there that leave off the "school" part of that equation.

While I abhor tactical tupperware, I do realize that some people really do shoot better with it, and that's perfectly fine with me. I'm not about to try to change somebody just to fit my own view of the world. Sidearms are a very personal thing, almost like pocketknives, so by all means, people should get what suits them.

Anyway, I know there's at least 2 people that won't be depleting any inventories of Blocks :wink: . It also means more 1911s and revolvers for us!
The progression for handguns goes something like this:
First they start off with a semi-auto of some sort as that is what is in vogue today and reliable ones can be had pretty reasonably (In the old days it was a revolver for much the same reason). Later, they drift over to the 1911 platforms as that seems to be the "hyped" or Holy Grail model. Then the increased amount of shooting causes them to take up reloading. As age advances, it becomes harder to bend over to pick up the empties and buying bulk "fired" brass starts to become expensive and some of the brass is just plain garbage. Then the shooter takes up revolvers as he can empty the brass right into his hand thereby not having to bend down nor pick through range floor brass. Soon I'll go back to being a revolver and loafer man, it is getting harder and harder to reach the floor every day.
Last night, I came home & there was a package waiting for me.
It was the Super Blackhawk frame I won off of ebay.
I removed the aluminum Blackhawk frame from the 45 Colt & installed the SBH frame with no problem. All I did was transfer the reduced power hammer spring from the old frame to the new. It has added some weight & the frame is a tad bigger.
The site that holds my photos (ehunter.com) is down, so I can't post a photo yet for you gents to see it, but it looks great. I am now trying to pick out some nice grips for it.
Considering something from Ajax or Bear Gun Grips.
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