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Automag III light hits on primers.

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Just found an IAI automag III. Looks to be unfired. Cleaned it and took it to the range and fired off a couple of rounds. Got several misfires. I the ammo was Privi Partazan something like that.

Today I checked the depth of the primers, the ones that fired were sunk about .003 below the rear of the casing. The rounds that did not fire I left at the range in the dud box sadly. I checked the rest of the rounds and the they range between .006 and .014 below the rear of the casing.

I am going to get some different brands of ammo and try them. Also I know that the Automags have a reputation for being hit or miss. Are there any gunsmiths around that specialize in this gun that it can be sent to should I find a problem with the gun?

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